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The Situation

H&M Realty is a real estate company that buys houses with cash in the Arlington, Texas area. They were looking for a creative way to let homeowners know about their services so they contacted PostcardMania for ideas.

The Solution

Our design team has a trove of successful real estate campaigns from which they can draw inspiration. Many of those designs largely feature a quick cash offer and an easy selling process. This design plays to those key elements.

H&M Realty’s postcard design includes several key features, such as:

  • The handwritten design generates trust immediately because it appears like a genuine heartfelt letter.
  • Variable data for a more personalized experience. (More on this below!)
  • Showing Anthony’s name conveyed that he could be reached personally.

What do we mean by variable data? You can see on their design in the top right portion of this page where the text is highlighted pink — that is where the tag <<NAME>> would be replaced with each individual recipient’s name. <<TOWN>> would be replaced with the location of their property. For example, this is what would actually be printed:

Dear John, need to sell??

H&M Realty mailed out 49,200 over the course of 10 mailings. They also rotated between targeting homes with values between $100,000-300,00, foreclosures and high equity homes.

The Results

Closed 6-8 deals from their campaign!

H&M Realty closed 6-8 deals from their campaign. A single deal will generate anywhere from 5k-30k in profits for the company!

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