6 Gorgeous Happy New Year Cards For Realtors

6 gorgeous happy new year postcards for realtors

Get your prospects excited for a new year — and new real estate — with these 6 beautiful happy new year cards for realtors!

1. Send gorgeous happy new cards for realtors where 81% of prospects look

According to a USPS Household Diary Study, 81% of Americans check their mail every single day, and around the holidays this is especially true!

Mailing realtor happy new year cards puts your marketing message where prospects already look:

The mail!

Here’s a ready-to-go design you can send:

realtor happy new year cards

Or, we can design a customized postcard just for your real estate brand.

2. Generate 750% more response with tangible postcards

Crazy, but true:

Direct mail generates a 750% better response than that of email!

So you’re likely to generate more leads (and appointments, and revenue) from mailing happy new year cards for realtors vs. just eblasting out.

Here’s a design you can mail your prospects this month:

real estate happy new year cards

I always recommend using email for follow-up — not lead generation.

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Here’s #3:

3. Plug your family or staff photo into this real estate happy new year card

Prospects love seeing the person behind the brand, and this is especially true for businesses that are up close and personal (finances, real estate, housing!).

Personalize your holiday marketing and stand out from your competition with this realtor happy new year card design:

realtor happy new year cards

Here’s the next one…

4. Target your IDEAL prospects to generate more response and New Year leads

A quality, guaranteed-deliverability mailing list can make or break any real estate marketing campaign…

That’s why you want a mailing list vendor who promises at LEAST 90% deliverability (hint: we do).

Want to see how many ideal prospects are in your area?

Get a FREE mailing list count online — plus, you’ll receive 1,000 records for FREE if you buy from us!

5. Ring in the New Year with gorgeous realtor happy new year cards your prospects will LOVE

However many of your competitors are mailing realtor happy new year cards doesn’t matter if you mail a sparkly design like this:

realtor happy new year cards

Here’s the last one… 

6. Personalize your new year’s marketing for 135% more response

By printing the first names of your prospects directly on your postcards, you increase your response by up to 135%.

Plus — this personalized marketing tactic costs sheer pennies extra per piece, yet it makes your happy new year cards stand out in the mailbox!

Here’s a design you could customize:

real estate happy new year cards

You can see our personalized postcards gallery here.

If there is ONE marketing golden nugget I’ll give you for the New Year, it’s to market consistently no matter what!

Whatever marketing you can do, do it consistently throughout the ENTIRE year.

And, if your budget allows —

Add Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads to your direct mail marketing to amplify your brand’s message online as well as offline.

We call this multi-channel, digital + direct mail strategy Everywhere Small Business, and we’ve seen it catapult clients’ results with ROIs of 998% and MORE.

If you have any questions about growing your business this New Year, call one of my marketing experts at 800-628-1804…

They’ll help you navigate mailing lists, postage, and answer any other questions you have!

Plus — their advice is 100% FREE.

Happy New Year!



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