Automated Email Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Follow-up email marketing made easy (and automatic!)

You’ve no doubt heard the numbers — 80% of all sales are made on the 5th-12th contact! Yet only 18% of businesses follow up that often for fear of seeming overbearing. Enter automated email marketing (sometimes called drip email marketing), a completely set-it-and-forget-it, non-pushy form of follow up that makes a significant impact on your revenue!

In this report, Automated Email Marketing Tips for Small Businesses, you’ll get:

  • An in-depth explanation of what automated email marketing can do for your business so you’ll know if it’s right for you
  • A breakdown of popular software options that will make implementation a breeze for your business
  • Concrete examples of how other small business owners have used drip email marketing to grow their business

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Drip Email Marketing Tips for Small Businesses
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