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Guide: How to Write Cosmetic Dentistry Postcard Headlines

The headline of any form of advertisement is arguably the most important element of the whole message.

It’s the attention grabber, the key to pull someone in to read the rest of the message. If it’s poorly written, you’ll instantly lose what could have been a new patient!

For cosmetic dentistry postcards, the headline is especially important. So to help you out, I wrote out these guidelines for you to follow when writing your next marketing headline!

Use powerful verbiage to convey that your service will have a huge impact on their life

Cosmetic dental practices, in particular, cater to those that care a great deal about their appearance.

Everyone knows that a beautiful smile makes a great impression; have your headline convey that your services will help them be remembered!

The bigger the conveyed change, the more likely the recipient will be pulled into your messaging.

dental postcard

What could be bigger than changing someone’s life completely with a new, fixed-up smile?

dental postcard marketing

For more of our previously successful headlines, check out our assortment of dental postcard samples!

Talk directly to the recipient to increase engagement

One of the biggest lessons to learn in marketing is to communicate directly with your audience in a conversational tone, not simply write descriptions about the product or service your offering.

effective dental postcard

Addressing your audience directly in your headline grabs their attention, and has been proven to increase memory rates about your practice.

Using “you/your” in tandem with “have always wanted” has performed well for our previous cosmetic dentistry campaigns.

If someone grew up with a crooked smile, this might just be the push they need to engage your advertising!

dental marketing

Highlight the benefit of your service right in the headline

Being extremely direct with your audience is another great way to pull them into your advertising message.

What’s the number one reason people seek out a cosmetic dental practice? Having a beautiful smile!

dental marketing ideas

I’m sure you know that cosmetic dentists don’t SOLELY focus on appearances. Prominently display in your advertising that you can also help them achieve better overall mouth health!

dental postcard design

These elements are used in our most successful cosmetic dentistry campaigns. I hope you try them in your advertising!!

However, unless your front desk is effectively handling incoming new patient leads, all of this is for naught.

You can write headlines with 100% engagement rates…but if your reception is fumbling the calls when they come in, what’s the point?

That’s where our Everywhere Dental marketing product comes in. It’s our marketing campaign built specifically with dental practices in mind.

One of its key features is the incoming new patient call analysis. Our team of trained experts listen to your front desk’s recorded conversations and personally review, analyze, and rate each one of your tracked phone calls.

This way, your hard work writing enticing headlines doesn’t go to waste!

If you have any questions about growing your business with Cosmetic Dentistry postcards this summer, call one of my marketing experts at 800-628-1804…

They’ll help you navigate mailing lists, postage, and answer any other questions you have!

Plus — their advice is 100% FREE.



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