6 Brilliant Sparkling Pool Postcards Every Pool Service Provider Needs

Hey Pool Service Providers!

Looking to attract new clients and showcase your pool maintenance services?

Well you’re in luck …

Say hello to the power of sparkling pool postcards!

With visually appealing designs and compelling messages, postcards can truly be a GAME-CHANGER in your pool service marketing strategy.

It’s SUPER SIMPLE, and we’ve got some fantastic designs ready for you to use!

Stunning Pool Showcase Postcard:

Let your pools do the talking with a showcase postcard! Feature photos of your best-maintained pools to demonstrate your expertise and attract potential clients. Here’s a shining example:

pool postcard

Include your pool service logo for credibility.

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Irresistible Discount Offer Postcard:

Entice prospects with irresistible offers, like discounted pool cleaning services or a free pool inspection, like this San Diego company. Use this discount offer postcard template to showcase your services:

pool service postcard

Not only did they send out a direct mail campaign, they used Everywhere Small Business to couple that with digital ads, bringing in $20,000 annually! Personalize the postcard with a friendly message welcoming new clients and make it easy for recipients to contact you to schedule a pool service.

Healthy Pools for LIFE Postcard:

Empower your clients with a “Healthy Pools FOR LIFE” postcard, offering special incentives for long-term pool maintenance contracts. Use photos of sparkling pools to showcase your commitment to quality service.

pool postcard template

Encourage recipients to become long-term clients by highlighting the benefits of regular pool maintenance. Don’t forget to track your leads using call tracking numbers to measure your campaign’s success!

Bright and Bold Service Offer Postcard:

Use vibrant colors and eye-catching graphics to highlight special offers, such as pool equipment or seasonal maintenance packages. Here’s a smashing example:

postcard template for pools

Don’t forget to include your logo and bright happy faces. Include testimonials or reviews from satisfied clients to build trust! This business used Everywhere Small Business to couple their 10k strong direct mail campaign with digital ads, bringing in 114k Google ad displays and 25k Meta ad displays. They had a 254% ROI!

Happy Client Testimonial Postcard:

Share glowing testimonials from satisfied clients to build credibility and trust. Include photos of pristine pools alongside their testimonials to add a personal touch. Like this:

pool remodel postcard

Encourage recipients to visit your website or contact you directly to learn more about your pool services. Don’t forget to add a call to action and contact information for easy follow-up. Learn how this company had over 15 jobs and $100,000 in revenue from your direct mail campaign!

Pool Maintenance Tips Postcard:

Provide valuable information and tips for maintaining a healthy and sparkling pool. Offer advice on water chemistry, pool cleaning techniques, and seasonal maintenance tips. Or showcase all the services that you help with so they don’t have to do it! Like this:

pool maintenance postcard

Position your company as a trusted resource for all things pool-related. Encourage recipients to reach out for expert advice and assistance. This Washington company brought in 100 new clients!

Encourage recipients to spread the word about your pool services and reap the rewards. Make it easy for them to refer friends and family by providing clear instructions and contact information.

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Invest in targeted mailing lists to ensure the most effective and efficient campaign!

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