6 Cool Postcards Every HVAC Contractor Needs

So you’re an HVAC contractor, I know you’re busy and wanting to attract new clients to your HVAC services as easily and cost effectively as possible.

Well look no further than a direct mail campaign!

Bright postcards that catch prospects’ attention among a sea of white envelopes REALLY work. But don’t take my word for it, check out these success stories.

Did you know that direct mail has an average engagement rate of 95% and is interacted with at least 4 times at home MarketReach (2021)? That sure beats email.

Your postcard campaign is incredibly easy, we’ve got some fantastic designs ready for you to use!

Check out these postcards:

Stunning HVAC Showcase Postcard:

Let your work speak for itself with an HVAC showcase postcard! Feature photos of your best HVAC project to demonstrate your expertise and attract potential clients. Here’s a shining example:

hvac postcard

Include a clear call to action inviting recipients to receive a special offer. Don’t forget to add your company logo for credibility! This HVAC company received 61 responses, bringing in an incredible $180,000, with an RIO of 572%!

Irresistible Coupon Offer Postcard:

Entice prospects with irresistible offers, like $50 off any repair service or a special discount on vent cleaning services. Check out this postcard that offered a bunch of different deals in one! Check out this template:

postcard for hvac

Personalize the postcard with your company’s information and a friendly message welcoming new clients to keep their family cool and comfy for the summer.

Make it easy for recipients to contact you and redeem the offer of their choice. This company got $66,000 revenue from their campaign, giving them a 928% ROI!

HVAC Service for Life Postcard:

Empower clients by inviting prospects to keep cool, offering special incentives for ongoing maintenance and service. Use photos of happy clients to showcase your workmanship!

hvac postcard template

Don’t forget to track your leads using call tracking numbers to measure your campaign’s success! And better yet, combine your direct mail campaign with digital ads, like this HVAC company.

Bright and Bold Offer Postcard:

Use vibrant colors and eye-catching graphics to highlight your credibility and special offers.

I mean, who doesn’t love a good deal right?

Here’s a bright and bold example:

postcard for hvac contractor

Showcase an actual HVAC system – a picture speaks 1000 words right?

Add in your logo, your call to action and a picture of the comfort prospects will be feeling and you are up, up and away! Check out this campaign that brought in 80+ responses and $40,000.

Smile-Inducing HVAC Postcard:

The human touch goes a long way. Share satisfied clients to build credibility and trust, and include a clear call to action to call today!

Take a look:

heating air postcard

Need help creating your postcards? We got you!

So let’s say you’ve got your direct mail campaign off to a roaring start.

Why not integrate it with a digital campaign?! You won’t regret it.

Add Google, Facebook and Instagram ads and suddenly you have an omnichannel campaign that helps spread your message everywhere your prospects are!

Look no further than Everywhere Small Business. Learn how to simply and cost effectively cover your entire area!

Beat-The-Heat Solution Postcard:

Lead with a strong headline that speaks to the pain point(s) of your prospects.

Check out this postcard that does just that:

heating air postcard template

Position your company as THE solution to solve their problem – in this case, beating that heat!

This company had a whopping 310 appointments booked with about $1350 per booking from their postcard campaign.

Want to hear more success stories? Check out dozens here.

Invest in targeted mailing lists to ensure your postcards reach the right audience.

Your postcard campaign depends on the quality of your mailing list.

And don’t forget to follow up with multiple mailings to maximize your ROI! Give it a try with 1000 free mailing list records on us.

Ready to take your HVAC company’s marketing to the next level? Contact one of our marketing consultants at 800-628-1804 for expert advice and assistance. The best part? It’s 100% FREE. We’re here to help you succeed!



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