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How to Market to Doctors, Doctors Offices, Hospitals, Healthcare Professionals, Medical Professionals, Nurses, Physicians, Pediatricians, Surgeons or Dentists

After working with over 93,936 clients nationwide, we know a thing or two about purchasing high-quality data for marketing.

First, we recommend purchasing a mailing list full of your ideal prospects. As you’re targeting medical professionals and organizations, you probably have a running list of the organizations you need to hit with your marketing. But just in case, consider this:

  • Are there certain sizes of organizations you want to reach?
  • What about location?
  • How about annual sales?
  • Is the hospital a nonprofit?
  • How about specialty in a field?

Your mailing list should NOT be a market-to-everybody approach.

Your list should be LASER targeted, and essentially a gold mine of sales for you.

Here are the recommended demographics you can select when purchasing a mailing list for this medical category:

  • Industry or SIC code
  • Nonprofit
  • Business owner (the person in charge)
  • Company annual sales volume
  • Geography
  • # of employees (size of business)
  • Years in business

Note: not all business mailing lists are created equal!!

Purchase a bad, old, or invalid mailing list (think: businesses that have since relocated or closed), and you risk wasting money on sending direct mail which will just bounce back as undeliverable.

How do you select a mailing list that WON’T be a waste of marketing money?


Any legit mailing list provider will guarantee at LEAST 90% deliverability of your mail pieces to that list. Anything less than 90%, hang up.

Here at PostcardMania, we guarantee at least 95% deliverability. Why not 100%? People move, businesses close, and the United States Postal System updates these addresses in the National Change of Address Database. But that database doesn’t get updated every second, so that’s why it’s not guaranteed 100% of your mail pieces will deliver. Now you know!

Find a mailing list provider who will consult with you and help you whittle down your mailing list as targeted as possible so the people you’re mailing to are the people most likely to become new clients.

For this category, explore other mailing pieces besides postcards, such as letters, and snap-aparts — all of which can be personalized to grab your prospects’ attention even more.


The most successful element of any marketing campaign (big or small) is consistency.

Don’t expect miracles from a one-shot mailing (though they DO happen!). Bank your success on reaching your prospects again, and again, and again.




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