4 Brilliant Postcards Every Construction Contractor Needs to Use Now

Hey Construction Contractors!

It’s just a fact that a well-crafted, targeted postcard campaign in the letterboxes of your target prospects can supercharge your construction contracting marketing efforts. Check out dozens of case studies here.

There’s a pretty simple recipe for success really and I’m going to walk you through every step.

Essentially, it goes like this:

  1. Craft your design, be sure to follow our tried-and-true steps to success (see the video here!) or we can help you!
  2. Identify the target audience for your campaign – the backbone of your next mailing.
  3. Select a list. Remember, the success of your contracting company’s postcard campaign depends on the quality of your mailing list. I can’t stress enough how important it is to invest in targeted mailing lists to ensure your postcards reach the right audience.
  4. Set a timeframe you’d like your postcards to be sent out on.
  5. Send out your first mailing! Give it a try with 1000 free mailing list records on us.
  6. Follow up with multiple mailings to maximize your ROI!
  7. Better yet: combine your direct mail campaign with digital ads that retarget prospects with Everywhere Small Business. This way you’ll create a multi-channel approach to spread your message wherever your prospects are! It will take your campaign to the next level. Check out this video about it here and learn how to simply and cost effectivelycover your entire area with an integrated campaign!
  8. Watch the leads roll in and follow up with them!

It’s really that simple and we’ve got some fantastic, visually appealing designs ready for you to use!

So without further ado, here are some postcard examples!

Let’s dive in:

The Promise of a Beautiful Home Postcard

Inspire prospects with the idea of a beautiful home of their dreams.  A free consultation goes a long way in getting the first meeting. Use a photo of a completed project you love to showcase your stellar work. Like this:

construction postcard

Be sure to track your leads using call tracking numbers to measure your campaign’s success! And better yet, combine your direct mail campaign with digital ads. This company got 149 responses and made $20,000 from one campaign.

Give ‘Um An Offer Too Good To Pass Up

Entice prospects with an offer that is genuinely appealing to them, like $200 OFF! Check out this postcard that offered multiple deals in one:

contractor postcard

Personalize the postcard with your company’s information and a friendly message that establishes you as an expert. Make it easy for recipients to contact you by keeping your phone number big and bold.

Stunning Project Showcase

Let your work do the talking with a project showcase postcard. Offer to build their DREAM HOME! Feature photos of your best construction projects to demonstrate your expertise and attract potential clients. Here’s a stellar example that converts:

construction postcard template

Include a clear offer to get a free consultation and call to action (call today!) inviting recipients to schedule a free consultation. Don’t forget to add your company logo for credibility! This construction company achieved an incredible ROI of 895%, bringing in $80,000 from their campaign!

Bold and Compelling Offer Postcard

Lead with “home dreams” and get your prospects dreaming! Use vibrant colors and eye-catching images of beautiful homes to highlight your credibility and your special offer. Make it something worth their time. Like this:

contractor postcard template

Showcase your company’s unique selling points and stand out from the competition, I’m talking custom home design & build or whatever your specialty is. This Colorado based construction contractor received 75 calls from their campaign, 10 of which converted to jobs and brought in an amazing $2 million revenue. It was an incredible 2644% ROI. If that isn’t impressive, I don’t know what is!

Don’t forget to position your company as a trusted resource for all things construction-related.

So to recap, the winning formula I mentioned above has been shown time and time again to produce TANGIBLE results for construction contractors like you. Want to see some more examples?

It’s even more simple to get started when you use these templates.

I hope you feel more equipped to dive into your next direct mail campaign with postcards!

If you’ve got questions or want to try out a campaign for yourself, contact one of our marketing consultants at 800-628-1804. Take your construction company’s marketing to the next level with their expert advice and assistance. We’re here to help you succeed!

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