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As always, these small business website design analyses are here so you can see examples of website designs that incorporate all of the 5 essentials of business website design. I’m your host Shannon Johnson (PostcardMania’s Web Design Specialist), and my next analysis comes from the HVAC industry. The business, Premier Comfort Service, LLC, Inc, is located in Clayton, Delaware.

See the site in action: www.premiercomfortllc.com


The first thing I thought about when I arrived on this site was how well the visual presentation matched the company’s brand and the services they offer. Premier Comfort is an HVAC company, so they help clients maintain the environmental systems in their home (heating and cooling systems, ventilation, electrical, etc.). They help keep their clients homes comfortable.

Well, their site gives its visitors the feeling of comfort as well. They use bright yet muted colors to give it an approachable look. They use a blue sky with a few clouds as their background. The whole site looks very relaxing and comforting, and the banner image with a happy, smiling family is a nice touch too. This is perfect reinforcement to their marketing message and branding efforts.

HVAC website design


Now for the fun part, the nitty-gritty marketing strategies. Here are my 3 favorites on this site:

1) Very Visual Navigation Buttons for their Services Offered — This may not seem like a big deal, but it is. Your homepage is made to grab visitors’ attention and engage their interest so they will explore other pages on your website (or just call you right away!). This company uses fun graphics on the navigation buttons for each of their service categories (heating, air conditioning and electrical), and place these in the middle of the homepage. This makes the navigation buttons more engaging, which means they will entice more visitors to read about what Premier Comfort has to offer.

2) Great Logo — Your logo is a very important aspect of your branding. There has to be a visually recognizable icon for your business. Premier Comfort’s logo is classic and memorable. This will help them become a recognizable brand in their community.

HVAC website design

3) Schedule Your Service/ Request a Quote Page — Premier Comfort dedicates a whole page to host their contact form. If prospects like what they see on the site, they know immediately how to contact Premier Comfort and schedule their appointment. It makes the lead generation process extremely easy, and hence, leads to more leads being generated.

HVAC website design

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

SEO is the practice of optimizing the copy on your website so that search engines can understand what your website is about and how they should rank it for particular keywords. This website is optimized for keywords like “heating,” “A/C” and “electrical.” They also optimize for their industry keywords like “HVAC.” In an industry like this, prospects are usually using HVAC-related keywords when something is going wrong with their HVAC systems. They’ll type in “ac problems,” or, “heating problems,” etc. Optimizing for the specific systems they repair helps attract prospects who are having problems with those systems.


The theme of Premier Comforts copy is this: “customers first”. Their slogan is “Service First”, meaning the service they provide to help their customers is the first concern. They want to serve their customers needs as best as possible. They use very personable and warm language to make customers feel comfortable and valued. This kind of copy endears prospects to a small business, because they can feel very connected with them on a human level. That is difficult to manage in the world of big business. This company does it very well with their copywriting.


The site worked perfectly, so I don’t have much to write here. All the navigation worked flawlessly, the design elements are all in the right places. All you’re thinking about when you’re on this site is the fact that this company looks like a great choice for HVAC services. Programming gets an A+ on this site.

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