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Proven Marketing for Politicians and Political Candidates

Political Campaign Direct Mail Marketing for Politicians and Candidates

The political climate may be uncertain, but your marketing doesn’t need to be. We’ve worked with hundreds of politicians, candidates, and government officials, and we’ve tracked the data from all of the winning political campaign mailers. We use this arsenal of data-driven results and proven marketing methods to make your political campaign mailing a surefire success.

If you’re interested in mailing campaign flyers or wondering how to get a list of registered voters for your direct mail political campaign, do not fret. We’ve done over 700 direct mail political campaigns over the past 20 years.

Need help with a push cards political campaign? We’ve got you covered.

Here’s how we can help you:

We create a master registered voters list by pulling a current list of registered voters in your area. All this voter file data forms a voter database — which gets organized to become your political mailing lists! 

We design your campaign mailers as unique political postcards. These can be printed with the first name of each recipient from each registered voter list we pull for you — creating a truly personalized political flyer!

We can also integrate your campaign mailing with online Google follow-up ads. When your list of registered voters see your political postcard and visit your campaign website, they’ll then see your campaign ad on websites within the Google network.

Since we mail your political mailers for you, we can often save you money on postage.

Your recipients see their name on your political flyers plus on hundreds of websites online… So your voters roll on over to the polls remembering YOUR political campaign flyers!

It’s a winning strategy!

You can use any political postcard design you see above for your political campaign mailing and customize it with your logo. Or, if you prefer, we can design you a brand new card from scratch!

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Postcardmania Political Campaign Customer Reviews

I am totally happy with my experience with Postcard Mania. Working with all the very professional staff was easy. The product was created and delivered quickly. The price was very good for what I got. I plan to work with them again before my campaign for the North Carolina Senate ends.

Everyone loves the postcards and we are very grateful to PostcardMania!! Thank you for guiding us through our postcard blitz. It truly is making a huge difference out there!

They tag team you and get the job done quick and professional. Great communication, any misunderstandings cleared up pronto. Thanks PostcardMania!

We won. Thanks to you and only you. I want to say that I appreciate every single one of you for your help and support during this campaign. None of this would have happened without your tireless work. You have just allowed me the opportunity to do good work and create change once again in Georgia.  Looking forward to working with you all again very soon! I will be beginning to connect with the community even more and build my priority list for the coming year and I look forward to reaching out to you all again. Thank you once again, and see you soon.

We won our election thanks to our marketing postcards!

WOW are you guys great. The same day that I received my Pinellas county mail in ballot , I received my postcard mania postcard !!!!! You couldn’t do any better timing than that.

PostcardMania and its employees were a joy to work with. I truly felt like I received personal attention. From my first contact, through the development of the postcard, and finally with the mailing department, I was treated with great care. I received very positive feedback regarding my postcards: they were clear, concise and received at the perfect time. All those that I have talked to thought so as well. … My election was hard fought and we won!! We were up against a seated judge (an incumbent). Thank you for the personal attention that you gave me. Your finished product was well received by all!!

The postcard was very professionally done and was key to my success in winning the election.

PostcardMania's quality of work and product was really great...using postcards is more effective because it's not in an envelope. We want people to see it, and postcards hit you right in the face. People don't want to see political ads (even I put them in the trash), but with postcards, it hits you!

Raj, I would like to thank all of you at Postcardmania for your professionalism and willingness to go out of your way to help. My design was significantly enhanced by your staff and meets my expectations one hundred percent. It is far superior than what I expected as was all my dealings with you. I will certainly save your contact information for further work if I win the primary and need additional printing for the general eletion and beyond. Thank you very much

My customer specialists were very patient throughout the process. We had to change the dates on our printed materials three times, and each time the changes were made timely. Thank you for an awesome product!! The best postcard quality that I have ever purchased!

We won the election!

Thank-you so much for your help designing my cards!!!!    You mailed them to the right people at just the right time!!!  I won the election BIG TIME!! You guys Rock!!!

I earned a seat on the Smithfield, RI Town Council and received the highest number of votes out of all ten candidates! I had a good feeling about the effort I put forth and the response I received from voters but I never imagined that I would earn the top votes as a newcomer … I wanted to thank you and the team of people that worked with me at PostcardMania... I know that the postcard mailing helped me get my message out right before the election. During the day on Election Day, a number of voters shared with me that they had the postcard on their refrigerator to remind them to vote for me and I also saw many with the post cards in their pockets on Election Day. Thanks again!

So far, everyone I have talked with has been outstanding!  Could not have had a better experience!!

We received calls from many who got the cards - great response.

My postcard purchase and their delivery were extremely smooth. Please pass on my Thank you to Raj and Alissa. They made this transaction very easy from detailed estimates through card revisions and delivery. The postcards resulted in a very cost effective method to reach voters.

Jen is the bomb! She can translate my jibberish to her team and comes back with a prize each time!

Thank you again for all your patience and help. I really appreciate it. With my opponent having $2M, and me not 1/20th of that, when we win, it will have been because the 50,000 postcards you made and mailed for us were directed at the targeted 50,000 voters who made the difference

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Call or Text a Marketing Consultant 1-800-628-1804