19 Genius Tax Season Postcards You Can Send

19 Genius Tax Season Postcards You Can Send

Hey Tax and Finance Pros!

Want an influx of qualified leads to grow your tax practice this year?

We’ve designed tax season marketing campaigns for 4,440 tax, financial, and accounting businesses in 20 years…

So check out 20 designs and ways to advertise your tax business here!

1. Show tax preparation ads where 81% of consumers look every single day

The majority — 81% — of Americans check their mail every single day…

Which VERY likely includes your prospects!

Why not advertise your tax business in their mailboxes using time-tested income tax postcards?

Here’s a tax postcard you can use:

advertisement for tax preparation

Want to see a slew of tax season marketing campaigns we’ve seen grow businesses just like yours?

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2. Generate 358 responses and $62,000 in revenue from income tax postcards

You may be surprised how effective tax season postcards can be in our digital age…


Garza Income Tax Service generated the following from their tax postcards campaign:

  • 358 responses
  • 180 new clients
  • $62,000 in revenue

Not bad, right?

You can see their postcard design and mailing strategy here.

Here’s a postcard you could use to promote and grow your business too:

accounting tax season postcards

3. Target your ideal prospects and receive 40 responses from your tax practice postcard

When you send tax postcards to the right prospects — with an irresistible special offer — you stand to receive responses right off the bat!

In fact:

My client Instant Refund sent their tax practice postcards to 5,000 local residents with an income under $35,000. These were folks Instant Refund knew would be interested in the largest refund possible…

Their results:

40 responses after just ONE mailing in ONE month.

You can see the exact tax postcard they used here.

And here’s a tax postcard you can customize for your business:

advertisement for tax preparation

4. Grab the attention of 79% of prospects with trustworthy direct mail

Think digital marketing completely rules the tax marketing kingdom? Guess again!

79% of consumers find direct mail more useful and trustworthy than going online for the same product or service…

Which means:

Sending time to file tax postcards will get noticed by your prospects —

Especially since 81% of people check their mail every single day (#1)!

Here’s a time to file tax postcard you could send:

tax return preparation flyer

Onto #5…

5. Receive 265 responses and $60,000 in revenue from your tax season postcards

My client Smeed CPA, Inc. mailed tax postcards to 10,000 homes with an income of more than $100,000, and yes:

Generated 265 responses and $60,000 in revenue.

I recommend mailing your postcards multiple times for an even better ROI, but this client received incredible results from just ONE mailing!

You can see their winning tax postcard design here.

Here’s another accounting tax season postcard design you can use:

tax preparation ad

6. Generate 750% more response mailing income tax postcards

Direct mail generates a crazy 750% better response than that of email, if you can believe it, making it one of the best ways to market a tax business!

Here’s another tax season postcard design you can customize for your business:

best way to market tax business

7. Send tax practice postcards to entice 70% of consumers

70% of consumers find direct mail more trustworthy when receiving unsolicited marketing offers (like yours), according to the Direct Marketing Association.

Here’s another mailable advertisement for tax services you can send:

time to file tax postcards

I recommend integrating digital ads into your direct mail campaign, which I explain more about next…

8. Integrate Google ads into your direct mail marketing to 400X response

By adding Google ads to your tax marketing direct mail campaign, you can increase your response rate by 400 times!


Leveraging the wide-ranging reach of Google, your tax marketing can extend from your mailbox (via tax postcards) to up to thousands of internet websites using Google ads.

postal cards tax preparer

But honestly —

Given how much time people spend on their smartphones and on social media, I wouldn’t stop at Google ads if you want to grow your tax business…

9. Add Facebook ads to your tax season postcards to reach 68% of prospects

At least 68% of U.S. adults alone use Facebook today…

So why not add Facebook ads to your tax preparation marketing?

Here’s an easy way to do that:

  • Design a gorgeous tax season postcard
  • Run matching Google ads at the same time your cards mail
  • And run matching Facebook (and even Instagram) ads at the same time too!

With income tax postcards flanked by matching digital ads online, your practice’s marketing will be seen by prospects virtually everywhere they spend their time!

We call this strategy Everywhere Small Business, and by using Everywhere Small Business you can run multi-channel tax marketing using:

  • Direct mail
  • Google
  • Facebook
  • And Instagram

Without lifting a finger!

Plus —

You receive an online tracking dashboard so you can see exactly how many calls, clicks, and leads your tax preparation marketing campaign generates your business!

Here’s a 1-minute video to see how Everywhere Small Business works here.

tax return preparation flyer

10. Grab prospects’ attention with this classic bright color

Yellow always works to grab attention —

Here’s an example design you can use for your tax preparation marketing!

advertisement for tax services

11. Receive 50 responses and 30 new clients from tax practice postcards

Mehaffey Financial mailed tax postcards to residents living in 2 specific zip codes near their office.

They added Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads to their income tax postcards (#9!) using Everywhere Small Business.

Here are their designs:

tax preparer ad

That’s their postcard!

And here are their matching Everywhere Small Business online ads:

advertisement for tax preparation

After 18,000 tax postcards were mailed consistently — in addition to the Everywhere Small Business online ads — Mehaffey received these results:

  • 52 prospect calls
  • Google and Facebook ads shown 200,460 times
  • 47 clicks to their website
  • And 30 new clients so far!

Plus —

Everywhere Small Business costs just pennies extra per piece to add to your tax practice postcard.

Here’s another income tax postcard design you can start your marketing strategy with!

time to file tax postcard

12. Mail accounting tax season postcards consistently

The more your prospects see your marketing message over time, the more they’ll perceive you’re the most on-the-ball finance business to trust their money with!

Here’s an eye-catching tax season postcard you can customize for your business:

advertisement for tax preparation

Want a step-by-step guide to marketing and growing your tax practice?

FREE report: 7 steps to more tax clients year-round

13. Flip your income tax postcard to make prospects LOOK and read your message

Just by orienting your tax postcard vertically will encourage your prospects to flip your postcard to read it while sifting through their mail.

And if they READ your tax preparation marketing…

They’re more likely to RESPOND to it!

Here’s a vertical tax postcard you can send:

a friendly reminder postcards for tax preparers

14. Generate 45 responses and 30 new clients from 6,000 income tax postcards

A great tax postcard design isn’t just a nice thing to have —

It can seriously GROW your business!

Williams Kunkel CPA generated 45-50 inquiries with their tax postcards, and turned 30 of those prospects into new clients!

You can see the 100% relatable postcard design they used here.

Here’s a similar design you can customize for your business:

tax preparer ad

15. Get your phone ringing with 22 prospect calls like this CPA did

By integrating digital ads into her income tax postcard campaign (remember #9!), Julie G. Merrill, CPA generated 22 prospect calls!

You can see her mailing strategy and tax postcard design here.

Here’s another tax practice postcard design you can send:

income tax business postcards

16. Place your staff’s photo on this tax postcard design

If you have a nice staff photo, why not use it on your tax season marketing?

Here’s a design you could customize with your staff’s photo:

tax preparation ad

Or, we could design a tax postcard just for your practice from scratch!

You can see PostcardMania’s postcard design services here.

17. Give a special offer NO ONE can say “no” to

Your special offer must entice prospects to call you for it!

Here’s an example of one:

tax season postcards

Want more ideas for special offers that generate leads (and revenue)?

FREE report: 128 PROVEN special offers to turn your marketing into new sales

18. Generate an easy 5-10 new clients from income tax business postcards

Massachusetts CPA Donald T. Bates wanted to explore ideas to expand his clientele during the busy tax season, so he gave tax postcards a try!

From one mailing, he received 5-10 new clients. However, if those clients come back year after year (as they most likely will), his campaign will pay for itself over and over again!

Here’s a business income tax postcard you can use:

income tax business postcards

Here’s the last one…

19. Plan a year-long tax preparation marketing strategy

The #1 successful action of all my tax, financial, and accounting clients is marketing throughout the year no matter what.

I know you’re financial wizards, but it can help to lay out your marketing budget for the year in advance…

FREE report: The dead simple Marketing Budget Calculator to get it right

Here’s one more tax postcard to inspire you:

advertise your tax business

I hope these designs and strategies gave you some ideas to market and really GROW your practice starting now!

If you have any questions about mailing lists or Everywhere Small Business, please call one of my marketing consultants at 800-628-1804!

They’re trained to help you find the best tax preparation marketing strategy to generate you enough leads and ROI within a budget that works for your business!

Plus — their advice is 100% FREE!




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