The front of the postcard featured a picture of someone who was clearly distressed by the amount of paperwork tax filing requires. The advertising copy emphasized the benefits of choosing a small CPA firm who could take care of your taxes for you. It focused on the personalized service, year round consultation, and competitive prices these firms can provide. It also reminded readers that Williams & Kunkel is qualified to handle any tax requirements, from complex businesses to filing a simple W-2.

The Situation

Williams Kunkel is a CPA firm that focuses on tax preparation. They needed a way to communicate the message that their tax services can help take the stress out of tax season. The tax preparers came to PostcardMania for help with an effective CPA marketing campaign.

The Solution

Our consultants helped the CPAs with a tax service marketing postcard that would get results! Heres why their postcard worked:

  • The main image, of a frustrated tax filer with his head down on his desk, helps convey their message that doing your taxes is stressful!
  • The headline supports the image by asking, Isnt it time you had an experienced tax professional on your side?

The tax preparers sent out 6,000 postcards and saw great results!

The Results

30 new clients generating $6,000 in revenue

Williams Kunkel generated 45-50 inquiries with their tax postcards, and turned 30 of those prospects into new clients! I would say that these responses generated about $6,000 in revenue, they said.

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