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The front of the postcard featured a full-size graphic that communicated a message: Instant Refunds of Kenosha gets you the most out of your tax return. The back of the postcard listed the benefits of choosing Instant Refunds of Kenosha over their competitors. It also featured a $35 discount on tax preparation fees.

The Situation

Instant Refunds of Kenosha, WI needed help with their tax service marketing, so they could bring in as many prospects as possible during the competitive tax preparer season. They called PostcardMania for help creating an effective accountant marketing plan.

The Solution

Our accounting marketing experts designed a results-generating tax postcard strategy for Instant Refunds. Heres why it was so effective:

  • The bold headline immediately conveys their message and offers a benefit to the prospect
  • The eye-catching graphic in shades of pink and red supports the headline with piggy banks of different sizes (Instant Refunds is the biggest!)

Instant Refund sent their tax prep postcards to 5,000 local residents with an income under $35,000, who would be interested in the biggest refund possible. Although we recommend sending postcards out multiple times, the tax office got huge results after just one mailing!

The Results

40 responses generated in the first month from only 5,000 postcards mailed!

The tax prep postcard marketing campaign generated 40 responses in JUST ONE month after JUST ONE mailing! Instant Refund plans to send out a second mailing to great even BIGGER results!

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