6 Real Estate Holiday Postcards For Your Marketing

6 Real Estate Holiday Postcards For Your Marketing

Realtors, we have real estate holiday postcards ready for you to use — check them out!

1. Plug your picture into this real estate holiday postcard

Show off your realtor marketing with gorgeous real estate happy holidays postcards like this one:

christmas cards for realtors

Need professional photos done of your family — or office staff?

Here are 4 places you can find local photographers for your realtor Christmas cards:

Here’s the next one:

2. Promote your business with this realtor Christmas card

Dazzle your prospects with this ready-to-use design:

real estate christmas postcards

You can even personalize your real estate Christmas cards with the first name of each and every recipient to make your design stand out in the mailbox!

3. Customize this real estate holiday postcard for your business

If your logo needs a makeover, we can create a gorgeous, professional logo for you to use on ALL your real estate marketing even into the New Year!

real estate holiday postcards

Here’s #4:

4. Check out these real estate winter postcard ideas

You can start by sending real estate Christmas card messages in the mail…

And then you can amplify your holiday and New Year’s marketing with a crazy effective marketing tactic…


By adding digital Christmas ads for realtors online to your postcard campaign…

You can cause your realtor marketing to be seen EVERYWHERE prospects today spend their time:

  • On thousands of internet websites via the Google network
  • On Facebook where 79% of Americans check in
  • And on Instagram, particularly, on the mobile app

This multi-channel marketing strategy requires ZERO effort from you, yet your realtor marketing can be seen by qualified prospects across the internet on multiple devices AND in the comfort of their own homes…

We call this Everywhere Small Business —

You can watch a 1-minute video about it here.

5. Send this adorable realtor Christmas card

Who wouldn’t enjoy receiving real estate Christmas card messages like this one?!

real estate Christmas postcard

If you need a targeted mailing list so ONLY your ideal prospects receive your real estate holiday marketing, you can get 1,000 FREE records here when you receive a FREE list count for your area.

6. Place your website’s URL on this real estate holiday postcard

You can easily customize this design to your business… plus, something you may not know is this:

holiday card mailing service for real estate agents

If your website needs a fresh makeover to stand out from your competition, we offer VERY affordable website design services starting at just $495!

If you want to see even more real estate winter postcard ideas, you can view our holiday marketing postcard gallery here!

Happy Holidays from All of Us here at PostcardMania,


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