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Customer Reviews

Thanks Joy! This was our first time ordering postcards for our business and your staff has had amazing customer service throughout all of it, even with my 5000 emails and questions!

Hi Holly. Thought you might want to know we have picked up over $14,000.00 in jobs with your mailings, and as far as I'm concerned this is the worst time of the year for residential sales.

Thank you very much in designing a fantastic card. I really appreciate all the effort that has gone into our card. From Ryan, to Sarah, to the great design team that worked together to craft the card.

Hi! These two ladies have been amazing! I wouldn’t have gotten anything accomplished if they had not walked me through doing everything step by step. I love the phone calls and the emails! Kudos!

Thank you and your team for great ideas on how to better promote our brand and business. The post card design and layout was exactly what I wanted.

17 Gorgeous Just Listed Postcards for Realtors

17 gorgeous just listed postcards for realtors

Want just listed postcards you can mail for your next real estate marketing campaign?

Here are 17 —

Have at it!

1. Give 90% of consumers what they want and create leads

Consumers rely on reviews to help them decide which business to try…

And that includes for their real estate needs!

Check this out:

90% of consumers will seek out reviews before considering a business.


That’s just 10% shy of ALL people…

Aka, reviews MATTER!

So what does this mean for your real estate marketing postcards??

You can put reviews RIGHT on your just listed postcard —

Like this:

just listed postcard for realtor marketing

When you pair a happy review with a picture of YOU on your just listed postcard…

You create credibility AND inspire prospects to turn your postcard over for more information!

2. Show multiple beautiful photos to attract 219 leads

Simply plug in your photos to this just listed postcard design to entice prospects to read your real estate marketing:

just listed postcard for realtor marketing

I think you’d be surprised how fast and effective just listed postcards can work…

In fact:

One of my clients mailed just 6,000 postcards and generated 219 potential buyers!

Here’s the 3rd sample…

3. Boast 5-star reviews since 85% trust them like word-of-mouth

You read right:

A whopping 85% of consumers trust reviews just as much as word-of-mouth recommendations!

So show one on your just listed postcard to create trust in your business immediately!

just listed postcard template

See how the golden stars grab your attention, and you just HAVE to read what the reviewer said?

You can use this just postcard on your next real estate direct mail campaign!

Here’s #4…

4. Use a BOLD can’t-miss-it headline

And combined with your friendly headshot…

Your prospects can’t miss your just listed postcard!

Use this bold-red one:

just listed postcard sample

5. Show your headshot to create trust in your personable business (and skills)

If you put YOUR picture on your just listed postcard…

Your prospects will feel more comfortable about calling you because they’ll sense that they know you a little bit (from your photo!):

just listed postcard for realtor marketing

Want to see examples of realtor marketing campaigns that have already worked?

Grab this:

FREE report: REAL real estate direct mail campaigns, their designs, AND results

6. Use a classy simply just listed postcard

You can’t go wrong mailing this just listed postcard:

just listed postcard for realtor marketing

Just remember:

Mail to a targeted mailing list!

You can target:

  • Incomes
  • Home values
  • # of children in the home
  • Renters
  • By foreclosure status
  • Probate
  • Absentee homeowners
  • Or even reach out to those who recently have filed for divorce or bankruptcy

Or you can target a combination of these characteristics to create a truly revenue-generating campaign!

Get 1,000 FREE mailing list records here.

7. Show multiple photos of your listings like this

Get professional photos done of your listings and then plug them into this beautiful just listed postcard design:

just listed postcard

Here are 4 places you can find local photographers for your realtor marketing:

Here’s #8…

8. Highlight the BEST part of the house


The kitchen!

just listed postcard

You can use whatever photos you like for your realtor direct mail campaign!

You can check out PostcardMania’s postcard design services here.

9. Put a MASSIVE image of your house right on your postcard

Like this:

just listed postcard


Include YOUR picture on your realtor postcard, too!

10. Give your prospects EVERY option on your just listed postcard

Why not use every inch of your just listed postcard’s real estate?

Like this:

just listed postcard

Check out that bright orange FREE special offer!

Eye-catching and irresistible…

That’s what you want your marketing offer to be!

Need more ideas?

FREE report: 128 special offers to make your realtor marketing generate leads & sales

11. Show your successful properties sold with this design

Entice prospects to contact you by showing off your success!

just listed postcard

You can use this design, and have it customized to your business easily!

12. Pack your just listed postcard with options for your prospects to see

Check this out design:

just listed postcard for realtor direct mail

Prospects who see this real estate design will be VERY interested in checking out your abundant options!

13. Use an undeniable headline like this

The trick is to mail your just listed postcards consistently for prospects see your marketing ENOUGH in order to remember you when they’re ready.

just listed postcard for realtor direct mail


If you add Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads to your just listed postcard campaign, your real estate marketing will reach even more people in all the places (and devices) they are!

It’s called Everywhere Small Business, and you may be surprised how affordable this mega multi-channel marketing strategy is…

Watch the 1-minute video about it here.

14. Plug your photos into this just listed postcard design

This postcard is ready for you to use!

just listed postcard for real estate marketing

Need a professional logo that competes with national brands?

Check out PostcardMania’s logo design services here.

15. Customize this just listed postcard to your business

Add your listing photos, headshot, and you’re ready to mail!

just listed postcard for real estate marketing

Need a qualified mailing list to mail your just listed postcard to?

Get a FREE list count here to see how many prospects are in your area!

16. Turn your postcard into an advertisement bonanza

You can use this postcard for your next campaign!

just listed postcard template


You can add these to your direct mail campaign:

  • Google ads
  • Facebook ads
  • AND Instagram ads

It’s called Everywhere Small Business, and it’s the EASIEST way to reach your prospects with YOUR marketing everywhere they spend their time today!

Watch the 1-minute video to see how it works.

17. Got an apartment or condo to sell?

You can mail postcards for those too!

just listed postcard template

So there you have it!

17 just listed postcards you can mail for your next real estate marketing campaign!

Have questions about direct mail, mailing lists, or Everywhere Small Business?

Contact one of my marketing consultants at 800-628-1804 —

Their advice and help is 100% FREE for you to use!



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