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3 Perfectly Scary Halloween Real Estate Postcards to Attract Clients

Halloween marks the beginning of the holiday season in America — the time of year for businesses to ramp up their marketing, stand out against the crowd, and make an impression on local prospects.

Despite COVID-19 last year, nearly 60% of American households participated in Halloween festivities; this number is expected to grow past 70% in 2021.

Capitalize on this year’s spooky season and try one of these Halloween real estate postcards to find listings or sell homes!

1. Utilize bold seasonal colors to grab their attention

real estate halloween postcard

When the holidays start coming around, you can almost feel a presence take over the community.

The trees begin to change, the weather cools, and people start putting up Halloween decor in their yards — most commonly, they carve up an orange and green pumpkin to make a Jack-O-Lantern!

Emulate this mood with bold colors in your advertising to play into this nostalgic feeling. Harvard claims that 95% of purchases are subconscious, so get in the hearts of prospects now!

2. Use just listed postcards to remind renters of their dream home

halloween postcard for realtors

One of the joys of being a homeowner is giving out candy to the neighborhood kids year after year, watching them slowly grow over time, and building your reputation as being one of the “must-visit” houses on the block.

Reenters also participate in Halloween, with the average renter being a tenant for around three years. Remind renters of the future they could have with a Halloween real estate postcard! Feature three of the most realistic properties for your target audience to be interested in based on their monthly rent amounts.

3. A simplistic Halloween design can go a long way

halloween real estate postcard

While featuring pictures of houses can be beneficial, not everyone will be looking to buy or sell a home when they receive your postcard and branding yourself as a realtor is equally important.

You can capitalize on this audience with a simplistic design and a clever headline. Studies show that postcards are one of the most memorable forms of advertising available due to the nature of their tangibility.

With a Halloween real estate postcard, you can cement your business in the minds of these recipients.

They may even keep your postcard laying around for when they DO need your services — this happens all the time!

Use any of these postcard templates to kick off this Halloween season!

If you have any questions about marketing or want to get some real samples sent to you to see how they feel, call 1-800-628-1804.

Their advice is always free!



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