8 B2B Direct Mail Marketing Ideas For More New Clients

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Need proven-to-work b2b direct mail examples you can use to GROW your business?

Check out these 8, which include relevant, real case studies:

1. Receive $7,500 in revenue from your b2b direct mail campaign 


After 22 years in business, we know that successful b2b postcard marketing comes down to sending a well-designed postcard (or letter) to a targeted mailing list full of your ideal clients, consistently…


Sometimes our clients get massive results from ONE mailing.

A singular mailing of 2,500 postcards 5 weeks prior to an event date, our client generated $7,500 in revenue from the attendees who registered from their event from their b2b mailers.

Here’s their b2b direct mail design:

B2B Direct Mail Examples


That’s an instant return on their marketing investment of 323%!

You can review the full case study details here. 

2. Generate a whopping $22,500 in revenue from your b2b direct mail marketing

When you measure the results from your b2b direct mail campaign, you need to measure by MONEY in the door —

Aka, return on investment (ROI).

Just ask our client who generated $22,500 in revenue from the leads from their b2b direct mail campaign — a 543% return on their investment — using this letter design:

B@B Direct Marketing Examples

A lead-generating campaign starts with targeted, quality b2b direct mail lists — Get 1,000 records for FREE here on your mailing list.

3. Get 400% more response from your b2b direct marketing with this digital add-on 

I’m talking about none other than Google ads, which you’ve undoubtedly seen on thousands of websites across the internet.

By adding Google ads to your b2b postcard marketing, you can increase your response by 400%. Not bad, right?

Your Google ads can appear again and again and again online — amplifying your b2b direct mail campaign’s exposure and effectiveness… HOW?

One of the best b2b direct mail campaign tactics is combining your direct mail with digital ads, so prospects see both at the same time!

It’s the most affordable way to get your business seen everywhere.

One of our clients mailed just 1,000 b2b direct mail pieces with MATCHING Google ads using Everywhere Small Business, and received 30 calls right off the bat (which were tracked in their results dashboard available online 24/7).

Here’s their postcard:

B2B Direct Marketing Examples

4. Integrate Facebook ads into your b2b direct mail campaign to reach 68% of prospects

With 68% of U.S. adults alone using Facebook, consider adding running Facebook ads at the same time your mailers hit mailboxes as a b2b direct mail best practice.

Here’s how:

  • Mail b2b mailers to a targeted mailing list
  • Run Google ads to blast matching ads across hundreds of websites (#3)
  • Add matching Facebook ads to reach prospects in their newsfeeds
  • AND throw in Instagram ads to ensure you’re seen on this growing mobile app.
B2B Direct Marketing Examples

Sounds like a lot of work?

Try the affordable done-for-you program called Everywhere Small Business, which automatically adds Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads to your b2b direct mail campaign.

Watch a 1-minute video about it here.

5. Track your return on investment instead of b2b direct mail response rates

Most small business owners naturally pay attention to how much they are investing in their b2b direct mail marketing, but that’s LESS important that measuring how much money your b2b postcard marketing nets back to your business.


One of our construction clients mailed a total of 157,362 postcards and brochures to homeowners with a home market value of more than $600,000, and got CRAZY results…

Here’s their design:

B2b Direct Mail Examples

Their results?

They tracked 75 calls (using the online tracking dashboard we give our clients), and converted 10 into new jobs for their company, which resulted in $2 million in revenue!

Now 10 new jobs may not sound exciting, but it meant a 2,644% return on investment from their b2b postcard marketing!

So that’s why you calculate return on investment (ROI) — not response rates with any b2b direct mail marketing!

6. Give multiple special offers to generate the best b2b direct mail response rates

A b2b direct mail best practice is providing more than one money-saving reason for prospects to contact you, such as multiple special offers.

Here’s an example from one of our dental lab clients:

B2B Direct Mail

Note how the special offers are in different colors, which draws the recipients’ eyes to LOOK at them.

This client’s b2b direct mail campaign generated 20-30 new accounts, totaling $15,000 to $30,000 in revenue!

Need help designing for your b2b postcard marketing?

Check out PostcardMania’s design services here.

7. Use this in-your-face BOLD b2b mailer 

When it comes to b2b postcard marketing, you want a design that GRABS attention…

Like this b2b direct mail example:

B2B Postcard Marketing

LOVE the 4 special offers at the bottom of the design in bright red!

Want to see designs already made for your industry?

View PostcardMania’s design gallery here with ready-made postcards. 

8. Mail this postcard to a mailing list FULL of your prospects

The quality of your b2b direct mail list ranks #1 in terms of marketing importance!

Mail to a list of businesses with bad addresses, and you’ve just wasted money sending b2b mailers to places which will just send your mail back… and note: the lionshare of direct mail costs isn’t the printing — it’s the postage!

Pro tip…

When selecting a mailing list provider:

  • Ensure they guarantee at LEAST 90% deliverability on your b2b direct mail campaign
  • Get a personalized consultation to hone your b2b direct mail list for your marketing purposes
  • And select a company that’s been in business for a while.

Get 1,000 FREE mailing list records here.

There you have it!

8 proven-to-work b2b direct marketing examples you can use to GROW your business!

If you have any questions about anything I’ve mentioned here, don’t hesitate to contact one of my marketing consultants at 800-628-1804…

They can answer any questions you have and advise you on mailing lists and Everywhere Small Business.

Plus — their advice and help is 100% FREE.



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