11 Awesome Tax Preparation Postcard Mailers for Accountants

tax preparation postcard mailers for accountants

Need ready-to-go tax preparation postcard templates you can customize for your business?

Here are 11 — check them out!

1. Gross $200,000 with income tax marketing postcards

Yup —

Results like $200,000 DO happen with tax postcards!

Here is a tax postcard you can customize for your business:

tax postcard

2. Plug your business into this CPA postcard

81% of Americans check their mail every single day so they’re VERY likely to see your marketing…especially if you mail consistently month after month.

Consistency of marketing is the #1 successful action of my most successful clients.

tax postcard

3. Receive 30 new clients using Facebook, Google, & Instagram ads

My client Mehaffey Financial Services wanted to boost their clients for tax season, so they orchestrated a multi-channel marketing campaign running the following simultaneously using Everywhere Small Business:

  • Facebook ads
  • Instagram ads
  • Google ads
  • And accounting postcards.

You can view their full case study here.

Here’s an accounting postcard design you can send:

accounting postcard

4. Send tax mailers where 81% of consumers look every single day

I’ll say it once, I’ll say it again:

81% of Americans check their mail every single day —

Which VERY likely includes your prospects!

Why not advertise your tax business in their mailboxes using time-tested income tax marketing postcards?

Here’s a tax prep postcard you can use:

tax prep postcard

5. Target your ideal prospects and receive 40 responses

My client Instant Refund received 40 responses from their tax preparation marketing postcards after just ONE mailing — all in ONE month.

Here’s a tax postcard you can customize for your business:

CPA postcard

6. Send income tax marketing postcards to entice 70% of consumers

70% of consumers find direct mail more trustworthy when receiving unsolicited marketing offers (like yours), according to the Direct Marketing Association.

Here’s a tax postcard you can send:

tax preparation postcard templates

7. Grab prospects’ attention with this classic bright color

Yellow always works to grab attention, see?

tax preparation marketing postcards

8. Mail tax prep postcards consistently

The more your prospects see your marketing message over time, the more they’ll perceive you’re the most on-the-ball tax business to trust their money with!

Here’s an eye-catching tax preparation postcard template you can customize for your business:

income tax marketing postcards

9. Give a special offer NO ONE can say “no” to

Your special offer must entice prospects to call you for it!

Here’s an example of one on a vertically-oriented tax postcard:

tax mailers

10. Place your logo into this awesome tax postcard design


tax preparation marketing postcards

Or, we could design a tax postcard just for your practice from scratch!

11. Plan a year-long tax marketing strategy that grows your business

The #1 successful action of all my tax, financial, and accounting clients is marketing throughout the year — no matter what.

I know you’re financial experts, so you already know it can help to lay out your marketing budget for the whole year in advance…

FREE report: The dead simple Marketing Budget Calculator to get it right

Here’s one more accounting postcard to inspire you:

tax preparation marketing postcards

I hope these designs and strategies gave you some ideas to market and really GROW your practice starting now!

If you have any questions about mailing lists or Everywhere Small Business, please call one of my marketing consultants at 800-628-1804!

They’re trained to help you find the marketing strategy to generate you enough leads and ROI within a budget that works for you.

Plus — their advice is 100% FREE!



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