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4 Restaurant Postcards That Will Bring In Hungry Prospects

So you’re a restaurant owner, and you know that consistent quality leads, result in sales and business growth.

But the question is … how exactly do you reach potential customers right when they’re looking for a feed?

Through mailing postcards to a targeted mailing list! Check out these four best restaurant postcard templates. Did I mention they’re fully customizable for you to use?!!

Showcase mouth-watering dishes to attract 178 new customers

restaurant postcard

Slap photos of your most delectable dishes into this spring restaurant postcard design.

You’d be surprised how quickly and cost effectively your restaurant postcards can generate customers!

In fact, one of our clients mailed just 5000 postcards and attracted 178 new customers (that’s an easy 253% return on marketing investment!)

Use this charming postcard design to capture hearts and offer something enticing

All that’s needed here is your restaurant’s logo, contact details, offers and DELICIOUS food photos!

Oh and, to top it off, don’t forget a great review.

restaurant postcard template

Did you know you can run a list count with us and receive 1,000 records for FREE?

There’s nothing to lose in giving it a try and getting your targeted mailing list going!

Imagine pairing this enticing postcard design with your restaurant’s logo and best-selling dish:

restaurant postcard idea

That eye-catching design draws your prospects’ attention right where you want it – to your restaurant’s details.

This Seattle restaurant pop up, Yeti Yoghurt, saw $4000 of revenue generated from just one postcard mailout!

Imagine what they’d achieve if they consistently mailed to targeted lists in multiple locations!

Imagine what YOU can achieve.

Use this restaurant postcard design to make your call-to-action POP:

postcard template for restaurant

Remember, your restaurant marketing campaign is only as good as the recipients of your postcards, and you know what that means…

Your list!

We guarantee at least 90% deliverability of your direct mail, and we provide 1,000 FREE records to kickstart your campaign.

Enhance your postcard campaign with digital ads to attract even more hungry prospects!

With matching Google ads you can reach prospects both offline AND online.

This multi-channel marketing strategy creates brand recall, memorability and gives off an EXTRA credible vibe. Add Facebook and Instagram ads and your spring campaign will be the best you’ve ever seen. Watch this video to learn more about it.

But don’t just take my word for it.

This restaurant got over 100 responses from their Everywhere Small Business campaign!

This simple, affordable approach gives you maximum impact with online and offline reach to potential prospects!

If you have any questions about getting started on a spring restaurant postcard campaign or want help with Everywhere Small Business, call one of my marketing experts at 800-628-1804 – they are super friendly and always happy to help.  Best of all – their advice is 100% FREE!



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