The design of this postcard was light, fun and energetic—-as it should be. You can’t really be too serious when you’re talking about frozen yogurt. Going out for frozen yogurt is fun, and this card communicated that perfectly. They used bright green, orange and blue to create an energetic, vibrant design. They featured a cartoon yeti delivering yogurt on the left and placed their offer for a free frozen yogurt right in the center of the card. This design got the recipient’s attention, and then gave them a great incentive to take action by visiting their shop.

The Situation

A frozen yogurt establishment wanted to use postcard marketing to increase their brand awareness and bring in new customers. They were also opening new locations, and they wanted to get out of the gate running with a strong promotional campaign. They consulted with our marketing experts to devise a marketing strategy to accomplish these goals.

The Solution

Our marketing staff decided an Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM) postcard mailing would be the most effective for their needs. An EDDM mailing puts a marketing postcard in every mailbox along a particular mail carrier route. This is perfect for local businesses with a wide prospect base, like restaurants. Since (pretty much) everyone is qualified to eat frozen yogurt, the key is to convince as many people as possible to stop by and give this particular location a try. Postcard marketing builds brand exposure and trust, which helps accomplish those goals. This client chose to mail 10,000 postcards just once to an EDDM mailing list surrounding their current location.

The Results

The results were fantastic! Read what they have to say about their response in their own words: “We sent out 10,000 postcards. About 800 cards have been redeemed, and they’re still coming in. The average ring (income) from these responses was about $5. Even though the coupon was for free yogurt, they would buy more or buy for another person. I have already re-ordered for our next store.” If you do the math, their business is looking at over $4,000 in revenue generated from just one mailing. Just imagine what will happen if they mail regularly for several locations. EDDM marketing with direct mail postcards has proven to be a powerful tool for their growing business.

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