The Situation

Giovanni’s Meats & Deli wanted to share their butcher shop deli with more local residents in Cleveland, so they contacted PostcardMania for help in mailing out postcards to attract more customers.

The Solution

Our marketing team designed an attention-grabbing postcard that would get meat-lovers to come in and try out Giovanni’s deli delectables. Here’s why their postcard worked:

  • The bright image of meat adorned with green herbs instantly conveys FRESH.
  • The grey 10%-off coupon pops out against the warm colors so it’s easy to see!
  • The copy boasts of Giovanni’s dedication to high-quality and locally-sourced meats.

Giovanni’s Meats & Deli mailed their postcards to a list of 2,500 residents who live around their shop’s location, and look what happened!

The Results

178 new customers — a 253% return on investment!

Giovanni’s direct mail campaign immediately generated 178 new customers from mailing their postcards just TWICE. So 5,000 postcards mailed = 178 new customers for them, which meant an easy 253% return on their marketing investment! Plus — their postcards are still generating new business for their butcher shop, so the full results of this campaign have yet to be seen!

Interested in doing a similar campaign for your business? Call us, and we will connect you with a marketing consultant who has experience creating successful campaigns for other restaurants and delis!

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