3 Brilliant Properties Postcards Every Property Manager Should Try

Hey Property Managers!

Looking to attract new tenants and showcase your property management services?

Say hello to the power of property management postcards!

With visually appealing designs and compelling messages, postcards can be a GAME-CHANGER in your property management marketing strategy.

It’s SUPER SIMPLE, and we’ve got some fantastic designs ready for you to use!

The Postcard With A Question:

A question beckons for attention. Are you ready to live stress free?

See what I mean, huh? Add a photo and you are really off the races. A picture speaks 1000 words, or so they say. I say they’re right, so add a photo of your property to demonstrate your expertise and drive your point home (no pun intended). Here’s a shining example:

property manager postcard

Include your property management logo for credibility. Need to create one? Use PostcardMania’s logo design services here! This business integrated their mail campaign with Everywhere Small Business and brought over 30 new clients.

Bright and Bold Offer Postcard:

Use vibrant colors and eye-catching graphics to highlight special offers. Like a free rental analysis! Personalize your postcard with a friendly message and make it easy for recipients to contact you. Here’s an example of a bright and bold postcard that does just that:

property management postcard

Showcase your company’s unique selling points and stand out from the competition. Include an offer and a strong call to action of course! This property management company spent $6,282 (postage included), and brought in over $30,000. That’s a 378% ROI!

Happy Testimonial Postcard:

Include their testimonials to add a special, personal touch. Here’s how it’s done!

property manager direct mail

Encourage recipients to visit your website or contact you directly to learn more about your property management services! Give them an offer they won’t want to turn down. Don’t forget to add a call to action and contact information for easy follow-up. Trust me, it works. This Miami based company saw $40,000 in revenue come in!

Any direct mail campaign is only as strong as the mailing list you use.

Invest in targeted mailing lists to ensure the most effective and efficient campaign!

Give it a try with 1000 free mailing list records on us.

Did you know you can make your direct mail campaigns EVEN MORE effective when you combine it with digital marketing? I’m talking Google, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram. Oh and connected TV if you want to go all in!

We call it Everwhere Small Business. It’s a game changer.

Check out this video about it here.

Ready to take your property management company’s marketing to the next level?

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