5 Fabulous Private School Enrollment Postcards You Need to Send

As an educator, I know that you have so many things to consider in creating exceptional learning experiences and growing your school.

But have you considered that consistent, qualified leads WILL lead to increased revenue and growth for your K-12 school?

Let me tell you, they will.

But… the question remains how to reach new prospective families at just the RIGHT time, when it matters most??

That’s where postcard direct mail campaigns made for motivated prospective parents come in!

Be it a private school, charter school, pre-K or Montessori school – you want to know about these campaigns.


Because they work of course!

Take my word for it, check out these success stories with PROVEN results.

See what you can pull from these examples and we can make a custom design for you to use!

Lead with a VERY compelling offer that speaks right to the concerns of your prospects

When sending your targeted direct mail campaign to a list of parents searching for their children’s next school, if you are a local tuition-free charter school, ensure you take the stress off their shoulders and make “Free tuition” prominent on your design.

Like this:

private school postcard

Within a split-second, parents will know that what you are offering is worth their time to look into. What parent doesn’t want to reduce tuition expenses?

Top it off with your logo prominently positioned and you are off to the races.

Need help creating your design?

Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with design services.

Your school marketing campaigns can be directed to the exact people you want to target — parents.

The campaign magic is in your mailing list. That’s why we offer 1,000 records FREE to get you started!

Take some inspiration from this school and you’ll be the talk of the town

Notice the messaging that speaks right to your potential prospects?

As if tuition free wasn’t compelling enough – free transport to school is … well .. pretty darn hard to pass up!

school postcard

Using an image of happy, healthy, diverse children on your marketing material implies their child will thrive and fit in perfectly at your school.

You know what’s great?

This Arizona school integrated their postcard campaign with digital ads – we’re talking 6,000 cards, 90,000 Google ad displays and 26,000 Facebook and Instagram ad displays. That is A LOT of impressions. What’s even better?

They made $70,000 from this campaign alone.

Speak to your audience in a way they can relate to!

school postcard template

Bilingual families at your school and part of your prospect pool?

No problema!

Speak to your different audiences with a bilingual postcard. Showcase the diversity of your school in images AND include a freebie to seal the deal.

Curious how you figure out how many leads are generated from your postcards?

It’s SUPER simple with our call tracking system.

Customize this postcard to fit your needs!

school postcard idea

The compelling design is sure to catch the attention of prospects.

Add your logo and you’re up, up, and away. Don’t want to spend time creating a logo and designing your cards? We can help! We’ve got affordable graphic design services.

Try sending a postcard like this and you will skyrocket your campaign!

postcard for schools

Add a killer offer and an enticing call to action. It really is that simple.

Check out this free guide on marketing offers that convert if you’re in need of some ideas!

It might sound obvious, but we sometimes lose sight of the simple fact that marketing is supposed to generate RETURNS, not just impressions.

Here’s the breakdown of this campaign showcased here:

40 responses

25 children who enrolled!

331% ROI

And that is not considering that each student’s tuition is $6656 per year and they stay for 6-7 years. If we consider those numbers we’re talking about 31,016% ROI. Mind blowing.

Read their full story here!

When students are enrolling after a postcard campaign, that means only one thing –  they WORKED!

The most effective school marketing strategies these days seamlessly blend direct mail with digital advertising.

This ensures that you reach your target audience wherever they may be, effortlessly!

Need help with it?

We offer integrated marketing support. We call it Everywhere Small Business.

And we take it seriously.

It’s a holistic approach designed to amplify and complement your postcard campaign efforts.

Basically your school’s presence will be felt across lots of platforms every single day – on Google, Facebook, and Instagram!

We handle everything – from designing and managing your campaigns to tracking their performance. Just like our successful initiatives in the past, we ensure that your integrated strategy is a resounding success.

Plus, you can monitor your campaign’s progress in real-time through our user-friendly online portal.

Still unsure about a direct mailing campaign? Or have questions about an integrated Everywhere Small Business marketing campaign? We’re always here to talk through whatever it is you need.

Don’t hesitate to call one of my marketing experts at 800-628-1804 — they are always happy to help, answer questions, and give 100% FREE advice!



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