Landscaping Website Design Analysis — Winter Haven, FL 33880

As always, these small business website design analyses are here so you can see examples of website designs that incorporate all of the 5 essentials of business website design. My next analysis comes from the landscaping industry. The business, Rupertan, is located in Winter Haven, FL.

See the site in action:


The design starts with a background that is half sky (top half) and half solid green (bottom half). The sky contrasts well with the center of the website, which is mostly green. The bottom half is a different shade of green so it compliments the centerpiece without clashing with it. They also use a graphic that makes grass appear to be growing out of the top of the site’s centerpiece, which is a fun touch. The great images that rotate in the centerpiece establish the company as quality right from the beginning.

landscaping website design


Here are some great marketing choices this company made…

1) Nice Logo – Rupertan has a great logo, which will help them create brand recognition. It’s a figure eight shape, which looks like it’s composed of blades of grass with light green on top and dark green on the bottom.

2) Testimonial on the Homepage – Some of the best marketing you can do is through the voice of your own customers. Positive testimonials are great for building trust and Rupertan features one right on the homepage.

landscaping website design

3) Services Link to Portfolio to Prove Quality – Especially for landscapers, pictures are great for establishing credibility with prospective clients. They link their services to a portfolio page where prospects can view the company’s past work in that particular service area. It’s a great way for prospects to see what they are getting from their services. It makes them feel much more comfortable calling to schedule their landscaping services when they can see the quality of the work.

landscape website design

SEO (Search Engine Optimization):

SEO is the practice of optimizing the copy on your website so that search engines can understand what your website is about and how they should rank it for particular keywords. This website is optimized for keywords like “landscaping” and “lawn care.” These are both intuitive choices for their quality prospects when looking for the services they offer. That puts their website in a position to generate great leads for their business.

landscape website design


The copy on this site is clear and professional. They emphasize the benefits of their services, like adding value to a home, providing a relaxing outdoor escape, less yard work, etc. They also use bullet points to break their copy into quick sections, which makes it easier to read for skimming prospects. Large blocks of text scare away impatient Internet browsers, but bullet points communicate your marketing message efficiently and effectively.


This site’s programming was done well. There were no technical issues as I navigated the various pages, so that means prospects enjoy a seamless experience as they learn about the company and what it offers them.

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