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7 Stunning Cosmetic Dentist Postcards That Stand Out

Hey there, dentists!

Want to showcase your cosmetic dentistry expertise and make a lasting impression that ACTUALLY CONVERTS prospects?

Your marketing campaigns will be elevated to the next level with these cosmetic dentistry postcards.

It really is cost-effective and simple!

Try this confidence booster postcard!

Showcase your greatest asset—your smile-transforming services! Let potential patients envision the possibilities of their own smile transformation:

cosmetic dentist postcard

Couple that with compelling offers and a clear logo to make your practice stand out and … voila, you have a winning postcard.

Need help with a logo? Don’t worry! Our logo design services have got you covered.

Don’t have a list yet? Get a FREE list count for your market here!

This gorgeous postcard can easily be customized to your business!

Vibrant colors and cheerful imagery will grab attention and convey the message of a brighter, more confident smile awaiting prospects at your practice.

cosmetic dentistry postcard

If you use dental direct mail to offer a genuinely good deal, you’re very likely to receive a lot of interested leads! Like this dental practice, who received a whopping 42 new patients per month!

You’ll see the real impact of your campaign when you track how many calls you get from your postcards.

Create potential new clients with this dental implant postcard

This beautiful dental implant postcard is super customizable and easy to use in your next campaign. Add a pop of color to showcase your contact details so your new clients know how to contact you.

cosmetic dentist postcard template

Here’s a tip you must try to get your mailing list going.  Run a free mailing list count and get 1000 free records on us.

A sweet deal postcard

One way to generate new leads QUICKLY …

Offer a sweet deal!

Like this example:

cosmetic dentistry postcard template

Replace the elements of this card with a personalized image showcasing the transformative impact of cosmetic dentistry!

Notice the special offers in the large circles?

Check out this FREE report of marketing offers that work.

Save clients from smiles they are unhappy with and make $44,700 revenue  

Give your potential new clients multiple special offers to generate an 836% ROI like this dental practice in Florida.

Here’s an example of what your postcard could look like:

postcard for cosmetic dentist

This dental practice spent $4,781 (postage included!) and made $44,768!

They received 62 new patients from the two cards, and that doesn’t even include any referrals they got.

Special offers are hard to pass up, why not add them to your postcard

postcard template for cosmetic dentistry

Entice prospects with exclusive offers such as discounts on cosmetic procedures or complimentary consultations. Make sure to highlight if the offer is for a limited time to emphasize the urgency. Here’s a guide to marketing offers that convert.

Want a slightly different design? We’ve got free design samples!

Plug your logo into this dental implant postcard and mail it

Imagine if you mailed 7,000 of these postcards EVERY month to a mailing list of people who have lost teeth due to injury, decay or disease, or people who want to boost their appearance.

postcard for cosmetic dentistry

The possibilities are endless. Don’t forget – Consistency is key!

Mailing postcards consistently WILL generate interest, leads, and revenue. Check out how dentists all over the country are growing business and revenue through postcard direct mail campaigns.

Add your own photos to this template and you are off and running. Here are 4 places you can find local photographers for your dentistry marketing:

The best cosmetic dental campaigns we’ve seen integrate their postcard campaign with targeted digital ads – think Facebook, Instagram, and Google.  It’s called Everywhere Small Business and you need to know about it. This multi-channel strategy is simple, effective and cost-efficient!

It can help you achieve the kind of results that our best-performing clients have gotten. Watch this video to see how it works.

It’s a game-changer.

If you have questions about running a lead-generating marketing campaign for your cosmetic dental or implant practice, give one of my marketing experts a call at 800-628-1804. I have no doubt that they can help you out. And best of all, their advice is 100% FREE!



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