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4 Cleaning Service Marketing Postcards You Need To Try

You’re a cleaning services business owner? I know that YOU know that consistent, qualified leads equal revenue and business growth.

But… the question is how do you reach clients RIGHT when they need you most??

Introducing cleaning service postcard direct mail campaigns to motivated prospects!

These templates will work wonders to attract the right people to your services.

Take a look! And best of all – use the templates!

Lead with a clear message that speaks right to their needs

When sending your targeted direct mail campaign to a list of homeowners in need of cleaning services, just offer them EXACTLY what they want: A clean home!

Like this example:

cleaning postcard

Homeowners will know right away – they can get a clean home and other people recommend you!

Everyone wants simple and this postcard makes it SUPER simple to see exactly how to get in touch with you.

And if you’re in need of some help to create a stellar logo, never fear. We’ve got you covered with logo design services.

Cleaning service marketing campaigns can be directed at the precise people you want to target —

The magic is in the mailing list — why not get 1,000 records FREE to start you off!

Use this template and you’ll look like a professional service right in line with the big dogs.

cleaning postcard template

Notice the subtle “pro” messaging? Pretty great, right?

And a FREE CLEANING offer is … well … something too hard to pass up for almost everyone.

Nothing says CLEAN like…

A Clean Home!

Using an image of a sparkling clean home on your marketing material implies that getting their home cleaned is simple and hassle-free. This cleaning services business DOUBLED their monthly revenue since starting postcard marketing. But don’t have my word for it, check out the full case study.

So you’ve sent your campaign.

Want to know how many leads are generated from your postcards? It’s SUPER easy with our call tracking system.

This cleaning service postcard can easily be customized to fit your business — no need to start from scratch!

cleaning services postcard

The bright and cheerful design is sure to catch the eye!

Just add your own logo and offer. Or, we can help you with your postcard.

And if you don’t have a professional logo yet, no worries! We’ve got affordable logo design services, just for you.

Welcome newcomers to the neighborhood with an introductory offer!

cleaning services postcard template

Add a photo that represents your business, a killer offer and a splash of personality.

If you’re feeling unsure about what offer to provide your prospects, check out this free guide on marketing offers that convert.

Postcards are meant to generate leads that CONVERT!

When one of our clients used a similar cleaning service postcard strategy and personalized cards, they had:

10 responses

8 converted leads, and get this …

$80,000 in revenue — from ONE campaign

They spent $1,424 on 8,000 postcards, giving them an ROI of 5,517%.

Read their full case study here to learn more!

The point is:

When your cleaning service business has revenue coming in after a postcards campaign, that means those babies WORKED!

The absolute best cleaning service marketing campaigns these days combine direct mail with digital ads. That way you’re reaching prospects wherever they are, without any added effort.

Here at PostcardMania, we call it Everywhere Small Business.

It’s a multi-channel approach to supercharge and complement your direct channel.  Think Google, Facebook and Instagram ads – basically you’ll be everywhere your target prospects are, every day.

We design, manage AND track every aspect of your Everywhere Small Business marketing, like this successful campaign.

And of course you can keep track of your campaign progress at all times through the online portal.

Have questions about direct mailing campaigns?

Or a multi-channel campaign with Everywhere Small Business?

Or maybe you just need some advice.

Don’t hesitate to call one of my marketing experts at 800-628-1804 — they are always happy to help, answer questions and give 100% FREE advice based on your needs!



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