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Salon & Spa Marketing Postcards

CARD: SPA 4533
day spa skin care advertising idea
CARD: SPA 4501
nail and tanning salon marketing postcard
CARD: SPA 4503
day spa marketing example
CARD: SPA 4504
salon marketing postcard idea
CARD: SPA 4505
hair salon marketing postcard
CARD: SPA 4506
hair salon advertising post card
CARD: SPA 4508
hair nail and tanning salon advertising
CARD: SPA 4509
hair salon promotional mailer idea
CARD: SPA 4510
upscale spa postcard example
CARD: SPA 4514
spa post card mailer
CARD: SPA 4515
spa and salon promotional postcard
CARD: SPA 4516
salon and spa marketing strategy
CARD: SPA 4519
day spa marketing idea
CARD: SPA 4520
pampering spa marketing postcard design
CARD: SPA 4521
hair and nail salon marketing idea
CARD: SPA 4522
salon spa christmas gift card mailer
CARD: SPA 4525
spa marketing postcard example
CARD: SPA 4528
upscale salon marketing postcard
CARD: SPA 4529
tanning salon marketing sample
CARD: SPA 4530
spa postcard design
CARD: SPA 4531

Proven Marketing for Spa & Salon Professionals

We have worked with hundreds of spas and salon professionals over the years, and we have tracked the data from all of those campaigns. So we know how to get results for you. Below you’ll find examples of the cards our actual clients have used with spectacular results. You can use any design you see for your own business and customize it with your logo. Or, if you prefer, we can design you a brand new card from scratch. Simply use the arrows to scroll through the gallery, and don’t forget to further your marketing education with the amazing resources at the bottom of the page!

Customer Reviews

  • 3 star rating
  • Out of 6000 cards mailed, 107 were redeemed by customers.

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  • Meredith, We are so happy we chose PCM for our website design! I simply must tell you about a phone call Dee Dee got last week. The Allergan sales representative called her to say the site was awesome! He thinks her business will grow huge in the next six months! He ought to know, since he sees ALL the websites used by medispa businesses that buy his Botox and Juvederm and Latisse. He said ours is very well made and attractive. You should get some sort of award!

  • 5 star rating
  • The postcard mailing went very well and certainly achieved its goal!

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