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The postcard design featured colors of black, peach, white and green. The array of colors gave the card depth and made it very engaging. The card’s copy focused on reconnecting with their past customers and promoting the different services they could offer them. This was used to remind them to keep coming back for their beauty service needs.

The Situation

The key to maximizing return on investment is maximizing the lifetime value of your clients. That means getting return visits from your customers. DaVarah Salon and Spa wanted to find a way to keep their customers coming back, so they consulted with our marketing experts.

The Solution

Our marketing staff used DaVarah’s customer database as a mailing list for their postcard marketing campaign. Even when customers have a great experience at your salon and spa, they need to be reminded to make regular appointments. DaVarah sent their postcards to 2,000 past customers just once.

The Results

Generated 150 responses bringing in $7,500 in revenue!

Even after just one mailing DaVarah saw some great results from their postcard marketing. Here’s their response in their own words: “We have received 150 responses in 2-3 weeks. We have generated approximately $7,500 in sales!” It worked for them and it will work for you!