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Help outside the box: Postcard marketer helps Scientologists aid Katrina victims

Postcard Marketing Expert decides her help should aid the Scientologist Disaster Response Team and victims of Katrina.
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Cinderella story
Postcard marketer tells how her company’s success happened

Postcard Marketer tells her story from humble beginnings to a multi-million dollar company on Public Access TV across the nation in hopes to inspire and enlighten others on how to do the same.
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Reversing the Standard: Environmentally Conscious Postcard Marketer Saves More Trees

A Marketing Mogul's ongoing effort to save more trees continues by recycling her company's printing waste to the tune of 4,046 trees saved a year and growing.
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Believe it or not: Postcard marketer discovers government pays to train small business staff

CEO and Founder of a rapidly expanding direct mail postcard company utilizes federal program at local level to enhance her employees' skills on graphic design, printing, sales, customer service, marketing and PR.
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Wire side chats: Postcard marketing expert empowers businesswomen with direct mail data

To ensure women have the best chance possible in business, a postcard marketing expert and businesswoman will host one of a series of WECAI wire-side chats designed to educate women business owners and executives on business expansion.
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The inside wire: Postcard marketing expert discloses secrets to other marketers

Joy Gendusa, owner and founder of PostcardMania, a direct mail postcard marketing company, speaks on the true aspects of making a direct mail campaign successful at the DM Days New York Conference and Expo June 28th _ 30th, 2005.
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A twist in business ethics: Direct mail marketing mogul pays more to save trees

A direct mail postcard company says despite higher costs, saving trees is a must. Instead of raising prices to meet the demand for an earth-conscious product, customers reaped the benefits without being asked to pay more.
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