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Carpet Cleaning Postcard Marketing Samples

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Carpet Cleaning Marketing
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Carpet Cleaning Postcards

You don’t let any stains get away, so don’t tolerate carpet cleaning advertising that lets leads get away. We have created hundreds of carpet cleaning marketing plans for our clients over the years with much success. Above you’ll find examples of postcards for carpet, rug, and other upholstery cleaning professionals. We will customize any carpet cleaning flyers, postcards, or letters with your business information and logo. Or, we can design a new carpet cleaning mailer from scratch to bring in leads and revenue. Simply use the arrows to scroll through the carpet cleaning marketing ideas and let us know which ones you like most!

Postcardmania Carpet Cleaning Customer Reviews

The carpet cleaning business has been growing every year for the last 30 years, and they attribute that in large part to their postcard marketing. On one campaign, Ayoub spent $13,950 and generated $224,500 in revenue a 1,509% return on investment!

We've had a good response & many of our customers told us they were beautiful. One even told me that our card was the only flower she received on Valentine's Day.

We have used you in the past and were pleased with the quality of your work.

Response was good, we loved the cards and will definitely be using you in the future

I mailed my cards to homes over $350,000 (got the list from the county)...mailed the two groups of 1,500 cards 5 weeks about 3% response...just under 100 jobs. I only used 3000 of the 6000 cards!

We have been using Postcardmania for nearly 15 years - that should say a lot about their service. All reps are polite, professional and more recently are doing a faster job with turning around artwork. Keep up the good work!

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Call or Text a Marketing Consultant 1-800-628-1804