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The Situation

Levenstein’s Carpet Care is a small carpet cleaning service based in Greensburg, Indiana, that services multiple counties across the area. They wanted to reach more prospects across that area to increase revenue, they contacted PostcardMania’s marketing services to help them craft a marketing campaign that would allow them to achieve their goals.

The Solution

A postcard marketing campaign that targets a provided list of homeowners in the area of their business. Since homeowners are more likely to invest in keeping their homes in tip-top shape, we decided to target them specifically vs. all residents in the area. We then narrowed the list further to families, as they are more likely to have additional wear on their carpets since there are more people in their homes. This laser targeting allowed Levenstein’s Carpet Care to get a higher return on investment from their campaign, since they only sent mail pieces to the highest qualified residents in their area.

The successful card design includes:

  • An extremely simplistic layout, making this card instantly accessible to anyone that picks it up
  • A headline that highlights all of their services offered in a couple words
  • Two $35 off offers on two of their most popular services, making them even more enticing

The Results

60 campaign responses and $20,000!

Levensteins Carpet Care’s last campaign received over 60 responses and all have converted into sales! The income generated is over $20,000!! This is an ROI of 596%!!!

Are you interested in doing a similar bulk mail campaign for your business? Call us, and we will get you connected with a marketing consultant who has experience creating campaigns for other carpet cleaners!

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