3 Sleep Apnea Postcard Templates to Bring in New Patients

As I’m sure you know, there are a variety of dental health issues that can lead to sleep apnea.

One study found that periodontal disease affects 62.3% of people with sleep apnea and gingivitis accounts for 34.1% of people with sleep apnea.

Sleep Apnea afflicted individuals make up a huge piece of the dental market. Many people with this disease may not even know that solving their dental issues would relieve the harsh symptoms!

Try one of these sleep apnea postcards to bring in new patients.

1. Give them a solution right in the headline

sleep apnea postcard

The headline is a critical piece of your postcard. It’s the first thing the eyes are drawn to and will be the determining factor whether they read the rest of your messaging or not.

It’s one of our 12 essential postcard design elements proven to help your ad resonate with recipients.

You can give them a potential solution to their problem – right in the headline!

2. Extend offers to offset buyer’s remorse

dental sleep apnea postcard

Some people may be hesitant to come in for treatment if they aren’t exactly sure why they have sleep apnea. Dental services aren’t cheap, and they may fear buyer’s remorse if it doesn’t end up fixing their issue.

Offer a free sleep apnea consultation; this helps people fight off their fear of buyer’s remorse.

And if that isn’t the root of their issue, include some other offers they could take advantage of while they’re there!

Offers work bringing new patients in – check out the offers in some of our previous dental campaigns.

3. Use central imagery that relates to their sleep apnea

sleep apnea postcard template

Outside of the headline, the central image of the front is the second thing that’s noticed.

If you present someone with an image of something they want (like this picture of a man sleeping well) they’ll be subliminally driven to read the rest of your advertisement.

You’re free to use any of these sleep apnea postcards in your next dental campaign. If you wanted to check out some other templates, head to our dental postcard template gallery.

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