7 Amazing Orthodontic Postcards You Can Send

Want to see orthodontic postcards you can mail to generate more new patients?

Here are 7 — check them out!

1. Send orthodontic postcards where 81% look every day

81% of Americans check their mail every single day —

Yes, even in our digital age!

Here’s an orthodontic postcard you can send:

orthodontic postcard marketing

2. Attract 79% of prospects with your orthodontic postcard marketing

79% of consumers find direct mail more useful and trustworthy than going online for the same product or service…which means:

When you send orthodontic postcards, your marketing is VERY likely to be noticed because people check and trust what’s in their mailbox!

Here’s a design you can send:

orthodontic reminder postcards

3. Show multiple special offers to generate $45,000 in revenue

Here’s what one of my clients did to spread the word about their new dental practice opening…

They mailed 25,000 postcards to local residents — 3 separate times.

Their design included multiple special offers, which you can see here.


Your marketing should give prospects a money-saving reason to come in and minimally get a consultation with you.

After 3 mailings of 8,300 postcards each, here were their results:

  • 128 new patients
  • $45,000 in revenue.

Check out my client’s full campaign details here.

Here’s an orthodontic postcard you can customize for your practice:

orthodontic recall postcards

4. Integrate digital ads into your orthodontic postcard marketing for 349% new patients

My client Dr. Kevin Tanty of Tanty Family Dental generated a 349% increase in new patients by automatically adding the following into his year-long direct mail campaign:

  • Google ads
  • Facebook ads
  • Instagram ads
  • Call tracking
  • And mail tracking

Prospects who saw his postcards in the mail simultaneously saw matching digital ads online — and Dr. Tanty nor his office manager didn’t have to manage a thing!

We call this Everywhere Small Business — here are his campaign analytics:

  • 212 tracked calls
  • 1,131,000 times his Google ads were shown
  • 377 clicks on his Google ads
  • 102,000 times his Facebook and Instagram ads were shown
  • 238 clicks his Facebook and Instagram ads got

That’s with 36,000 postcards mailed EVERY MONTH for 1 year — consistency is KEY!

You can watch his video here.

orthodontic postcard marketing

5. Send orthodontic birthday postcards to your patient base every month

Stay in touch with your patients (and generate referrals from them!) by sending them orthodontic birthday postcards.

You can even use orthodontic birthday postcards as a lead generation strategy using our Birthday Mailer Program. Simply send postcards to everyone who lives in a designated radius around your practice with birthdays to invite them in for their orthodontic care!

Here’s a 1-minute video see how our automated Birthday Mailer program works.

orthodontist birthday postcard

6. Promote star-rated reviews as 85% of people trust them

85% of consumers trust reviews just as much as word-of-mouth.


Google has us trained to recognize that golden stars = happy reviews.

You can feature a happy patient review on your orthodontic postcard marketing

using the same graphics (golden stars) that Google uses online, like this:

orthodontic postcards

7. Plug your practice’s logo into this template

Your dental practice needs to look polished and fresh to stand out from your competition…

And a professional logo makes all the difference!

Here’s a design you can customize for your practice:

orthodontic reminder postcards

Image alt text: orthodontic reminder postcards

We can also design you orthodontic Christmas cards and any other holiday cards when the holidays come around!


Your marketing campaign is only as good as WHO receives it.

Your mailing list is the main dish of your lead generation so DON’T skimp on it.

We guarantee at least 90% deliverability of your direct mail, and so should ANY good mailing list provider, FYI.

Get 1,000 FREE records to start your campaign.

If you have ANY questions about growing your practice, don’t hesitate to call one of my marketing experts at 800-628-1804 —

Their advice and help are 100% FREE!



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