7 Memorable Postcards Every Music School Needs To Use

Hey Musical School Owners,

You love getting to teach kids the art and science of music but the question is always how to get a steady flow of clients, right?

Look no further than a postcard campaign in the letterboxes of your target parent prospects. It’s just a fact! Don’t just take my word for it, see for yourself here.

Speak to your prospects wishes and help them unleash the musician in their child!

Spell it out like it is – you’ll help unleash the musician in any child and you’re offering FREE registration and a discount. Tell me any parent wouldn’t look twice. This postcard speaks volumes:

music school postcard

Every direct mail campaign is built on the foundation of your list. The success of your postcard campaign rests on the quality of your mailing list. That’s why, my first top tip is to invest in targeted mailing lists to make sure your postcards reach the right people!

Give um $100 bucks

I mean who doesn’t turn their head or look twice at a free $100 bucks right? This beautiful card template boldly explains what you offer – music lessons! Your eye is quickly drawn to the $100 offer and then looks to the child playing violin – helping solidify your messaging and drive memorability.

muric lessons postcard

Don’t forget to add your logo and contact information! Need some tweaks or help with your design? Follow our proven steps to success (see the video here) or let us assist you!

This Texas piano services company got 99 new appointments from their campaign. Now that is smashing.

Lifelong musical appreciation – doesn’t every parent want that for their kids?

Speak to the deeper desires of parents, to help give their kids a good education and to develop an appreciation for music that will last a lifetime. Check out this example:

postcard idea for music school

Providing an introductory offer and clearly communicating what instrument(s) you provide private lessons for are two tried and true ways to help your postcard convert.

Remember, at the outset of your campaign, you want to pinpoint the target audience – they are the heart of your mailing!

Welcome to the neighborhood

Don’t wait – welcome new comers to your neck of the woods and let them know you’re there. New home owners are more likely to be looking for services and activities in the area for them to get involved with. It’s a fact and you should jump on the opportunity!

postcard for music lessons

Happy photos and the lure of a free lesson always helps. Did you know there’s a way to automatically send your postcards to those new to towners without you needing to put in effort? It’s called New To Town Postcards!

Rock on with rock ‘n’ roll baby

Show some personality and go spunky with this postcard:

postcard for music school

A postcard like this will bring a smile to your prospects faces. Swap out the details for your own and it’s takeoff time! Launch your first mailing with 1000 free mailing list records on us!

Help parents give their kids the gift of music

This postcard is super classic, super simple and most importantly super effective at converting. Check it out:

music lessons postcard template

Once you’ve sent your mailing out, you’ll want to follow up with several mailings to maximize your ROI. The Music Cottage, based in Brewster, NY, got 10 new students from their campaign. With an average tuition of $100 per month, the music school expects to bring in nearly $12,000 in income in just the first year from those 10 students a 510% return on their investment!

Speak to the needs of your prospects

Every parent need ways to get their kid(s) active, off technology and involved in extracurricular activities. Show them that you can be that solution!

postcard for music lessons idea

Notice the free first lesson? I thought so, the yellow practically screams out at you.

It’s time to take your mail campaign to the next level. Couple it with digital ads that retarget prospects through Everywhere Small Business! This creates a multi-channel approach, spreading your message wherever your prospects are. Watch this video to see how you can easily and affordably cover your entire area with an integrated campaign.

Don’t forget, we’ve got a whole collection of music school postcard templates for you to use! I hope you’re feeling equipped to dive into your next direct mail campaign with postcards.

If you have questions or want to try out a campaign for yourself, contact one of our marketing consultants at 800-628-1804. Take your mortgage company’s marketing to the next level with their expert advice and assistance. We’re here to help you succeed!

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