How Marketing Could Save You $50k on Your Tax Bill

How Marketing Could Save You 50K On Your Tax Bill

Be honest, small business owners:

Have you planned your 2020 marketing yet?

I’m not going to scold you if you haven’t! In fact, kind of the opposite…

I actually have some really great news:

If you purchase your 2020 marketing materials now, you can save BIG on your 2019 tax bill! (You’ll want to check with your accountant first, of course!) Read on and I’ll explain.

Say you’ve made $200,000 in profit this year that you’re going to pay taxes on.

If you spend $50,000 on your marketing for next year (that would more than likely cover the WHOLE YEAR!) before the end of December, you’ll only pay taxes on $150,000!

That’s pretty cool, right?

But now you might be asking:

What’s my return on investment going to be if I spend $50k on marketing?


That depends — on your campaign, your competition, and about a dozen other factors!

But what I CAN tell you is the return on investment (ROI) that some other small business owners have seen:

One of our dental clients gets a 1,809% ROI with his postcard campaign (which amounts to about $950,000 in revenue for every $50,000 spent).

This real estate agent generated a 1,485% ROI (which amounts to more than $750,000 in revenue for every $50,000 spent).

And this HVAC company sees an 839% ROI with their postcards (which amounts to $470,000 in income for every $50,000 spent).

You get my point!

So buy your marketing now and save money on your 2019 taxes and bring in tons of revenue in 2020!

Still not convinced?

Here are two more reasons you should start next year’s marketing RIGHT NOW:

1. Your competitors have already started on their campaigns.

The sooner you get your message out to your prospects, the better chance you have of reaching them before your competition does.

Of course…

There is a lot more to successful marketing than simply getting there first. (Although getting their first is obviously an advantage!)

You need to reach your prospects — early and often — with the most effective postcard and the most appealing offer!

Not sure what to offer? Download this FREE report to see 126 proven offers across 17 industries!

Which leads me to my second point:

2. It takes time to plan a campaign.

You want to give yourself at least a month, start to finish, to get your postcards out — especially if you’re starting from scratch.

Design can take up to 5 days and printing up to 7 days, and delivery time depends on how busy the Postal Service is (and I think you know how busy they are right now!).

So if you want to get your cards out in January, there’s really no time to waste!

Ready to get started? Call our marketing consultants at 800-628-1804 today and they’ll help you create a cost-effective campaign that will help you shatter your revenue goals in 2020! It’s completely FREE to call, whether you’re a PostcardMania client or not — their mission is to help your business succeed!

Or you can always email me directly at with questions.



P.S. If you’re serious about growing your business in 2020, sign up for our Small Business Owners Growth Summit, April 1-3. These events sell out fast — don’t wait! Registration is only $197 for clients!

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