7 Steal-Worthy B2B Marketing Strategies You Can Use

7 steal worthy b2b marketing strategies you can use

Need B2B marketing strategies to grow your business?

Between Google and Facebook, as well as traditional marketing methods, how do you know which strategies will actually

  • Generate leads
  • Increase your revenue
  • And grow your bottom line?

You may be surprised that the most successful lead-generating ideas are also the simplest

Want some PROVEN B2B marketing strategies you can use for your next marketing campaign?

Here are 7…

Feel free to customize them to YOUR business, of course!!

1. Generate $22,500 in revenue and 543% in ROI

B2B marketing strategies that utilize direct mail can seriously grow your bottom line!

You can use this B2B marketing strategy example here:

B2B marketing strategies 2018 postcard

In fact:

One of my B2B clients who decided to mail their marketing generated a whopping $22,500 in revenue

Which was an ROI of 543%!

You can read their full case study here.

2. Add Google ads to your B2B marketing strategies for 400% more response

CRAZY, but true:

Adding Google ads to your B2B marketing strategy can increase your response by 400%!

How does that work??

Google ads can be used to target and RE-target your prospects online, showing up on all the websites they already use in the vast Google network.

Your digital ads will appear again and again and again — making your B2B marketing strategies literally omnipresent online!


I recommend you MATCH your Google ad to your postcard design.

When prospects see an online ad that matches the postcard they just received in the mail, they’ll KNOW they’re seeing marketing from ONE cohesive campaign…

And obviously, one seriously on-the-ball business, too!

Here’s a postcard example you could mail:

B2B marketing strategies 2018 postcard

Here is a matching Google ad that prospects would see along with their postcard:

B2B marketing strategies 2018 google ad

You could even add social media to boost your business’s marketing exposure even more…

3. Add Facebook ads to your campaign to reach 68% of prospects

At least 68% of U.S. adults alone use Facebook today…

So why not add them into your B2B marketing strategies?

I don’t recommend just running Facebook ads though…

You should tie them into a coordinated campaign (like I mentioned in #2 above).

B2B marketing strategies 2018 postcard

Here’s a B2B marketing strategy example:

  • Mail postcards to a targeted mailing list
  • Run Google ads to blast matching ads across hundreds of websites
  • Add matching Facebook ads to reach prospects in their newsfeeds
  • AND throw in Instagram ads to ensure you’re seen in this popular mobile app

This B2B marketing strategy will promote your business factually everywhere people spend their time today…

So they see you, remember you, and CONTACT your business when they need you!

Sounds like a lot of work? You can actually get an out of the box solution that does it all automatically. It’s called Everywhere Small Business, and you can watch a 1-minute video about it here.

4. Generate 103 interested leads from your marketing like this

Here’s a design you can customize to your business:

B2B marketing strategies 2018 direct mail

In fact:

One of my clients mailed postcards as their B2B marketing strategies examples and generated 103 interested leads!


Seamlessly adding digital ads to their direct mail campaign like I mentioned in #2 and #3!

You can see their postcard, mailing list strategy, and results here!

5. Personalize your postcard to generate 135% more response

Simply personalizing your marketing to your recipients can grab their attention and thus:

Boost response by as much as 135%!

Plus —

It’s SO easy (and crazy affordable!) to personalize your postcards!

B2B marketing strategies examples

Where you see <<BIZNAME>> above is where prospects will see THEIR business’s name…

Which will make them LOOK at (and respond to) your marketing!

You can even add more personalized information to your postcards as an advanced B2B marketing strategy…

Watch the :48 video on how Personalized Postcards work here.

6. Use this in-your-face BOLD postcard

Subtle marketing won’t work…

Use BOLD, bright colors that attract attention!

You can use this postcard here:

B2B marketing strategies examples

We can customize this postcard to your business and marketing message VERY easily…

You can view PostcardMania’s postcard design services here.

7. Mail this gorgeous design to a mailing list FULL of your prospects

Your mailing list ranks as the #1 important B2B marketing strategy.

Mail to a list of businesses with bad addresses, and you’ve just dumped $$$ down the drain (the most of which is POSTAGE).

Don’t get me wrong…

Your postcard design IS very important!

B2B marketing strategies examples

But DON’T skimp on your mailing list —

It can make or break your campaign!

Get 1,000 FREE mailing list records here.

There you have it!

7 easy B2B marketing strategies you can use to grow your business!


Adding Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads to your direct mail campaign isn’t a luxury today…

It’s VERY affordable

Plus, marketing on more than one channel will position your business everywhere it needs to be to generate enough

  • Consistent response
  • Qualified leads
  • And revenue!

If you have any questions about anything I’ve mentioned here, don’t hesitate to contact one of my marketing consultants at 800-628-1804…

They can answer any questions you have and advise you on mailing lists and other B2B marketing strategies examples! Plus — their advice and help is 100% FREE.



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