How 3 Businesses Scored 322 New Clients and $258,040 in Sales

how 3 businesses scored 322 new clients and $258,040 in sales

I know from experience that when you’re busy growing your business, it can help to see real-life examples of others who have achieved high numbers, hit their targets and reached a new stratosphere when it comes to revenue…

Even better:

I want to share strategies that have been successful and are EASY to do.


Here are 3 business owner clients of mine — all from different industries — whose stories I think will inspire you, regardless of where your business is today.

1. This well-timed mailing strategy created 322 jobs and $258,040 in sales

For almost every industry out there, it’s likely your customers’ needs change depending on the time of year.

Seasonality is important, right?

My client, Climate Master, is an HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) company in Mokena, IL. Seasons especially matter in their industry!

Almost as much as reliable income.

Climate Master was looking for a strategy to reliably increase sales — something they could replicate year after year without having to reinvent the marketing wheel.

This was simple:

  • Mail one postcard campaign in the spring to boost summer sales
  • Send another postcard campaign in fall to drive winter sales

(Note: After mailing thousands of postcards every week — from 2,500 a week when we started in 1998 to currently mailing about 180,000 per week — I know that most businesses will see an uptick in leads and sales 4–6 weeks after a mailing. So make sure you schedule your mailings with this in mind, and try to hit your list more than once, twice minimum.)

Of course:

These 2 postcard campaigns were designed, and mailed, according to the season.

Makes sense, right? Homeowners needing AC check-ups aren’t going to respond to a postcard that’s designed for heater repair.

The design of your marketing should be relevant so that when your prospects see it, it communicates to a need they have (and should contact you to fix).

Here’s their postcard design:

hvac postcard design

Not only cute, but attention-grabbing (that’s the point!!).

Here are the 3 most important design elements on this postcard:

  • Unmissable call-to-action starting with “HEY!” and “WINTER”
  • Brightly colored, seasonable graphic that sticks out of the mail stack
  • Multiple money-saving special offers designed as coupons

That last one is important:

Sometimes you don’t know which special offer will make your prospects pick up the phone and call you depending on your business…

But if you use a few special offers, no matter what’s going on with your prospect, they’ll instantly see there’s money to be saved with you!

And even if they don’t need you right away, they’re likely to stick that postcard on the fridge to save money (with you!) later.

Hint: this multiple-special-offer strategy works GREAT for my dental clients, by the way!!

FREE report: 128 special offers already PROVEN to generate leads

Here’s Climate Master’s mailing strategy…

  • They mailed 6,000 postcards to a list of customers directly from their own database
  • So, that’s 6,000 postcards in the spring (in advance of summer)
  • AND 6,000 postcards in the fall (to alert customers of winter HVAC needs)…
  • For a total of 2 mailings per year
  • And they did this for 4 years (8 mailings total)

The results?

322 new projects and $258,040 in revenue!

That’s huge.

Let me recap the important bits:

Their customer base received consistent postcard reminders (with money-saving special offers) twice a year, for 4 years straight.


If you’re not consistently marketing special offers to incentivize and invite your customers back into your business, this could be a simple way to drum up more sales for your business.

Here’s another one that takes it a step further by combining online and social media ads…

2. Use a multi-channel marketing strategy for an immediate $5k boost

I know when you’re busy managing the day-to-day affairs of your business, the thought of running some complicated marketing campaign just isn’t in the cards.

But I want you to consider this:

  • 81% of people read or scan their mail daily
  • 82% of millennials view messages printed on paper as more trustworthy than digital
  • 74% of American Facebook users visit this social media giant every day
  • 500 million people use Instagram every single day

I don’t recommend you spend all your time on social media. I actually don’t think social media alone will generate your business leads.

Instead, automate your social media and online ads.


Create digital ads that “follow” your prospects around the internet, so they’re consistently reminded of your business and why they need you.

Focus your follow-up ads here:

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

If you don’t have a business page on Facebook yet, it’s simple to get one.

And here’s an interesting Facebook fact:

Less than 8% of small businesses with Facebook pages are advertising on Facebook, which gives you a huge opportunity to market on the largest social media network ahead of your competition.

Here’s a client of mine who integrated Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads into their postcard campaigns, and their results.

The owners of Mehaffey Financial Services wanted to bring in new clients for tax season.

We helped them develop this 3-pronged approach:

  • Mail postcards to residents living in 2 specific zip codes near their office
  • Run Google ads that matched their postcards
  • And run Facebook and Instagram ads, using Everywhere Small Business.

Here is their postcard design:

financial postcard design

Here’s the Google ad:

financial google ad

And here are the Facebook and Instagram ads:

financial facebook adfinancial instagram ad

You can immediately see the consistency that this campaign offers across a number of platforms.

If I got this postcard in the mail, I would immediately recognize these ads when I started to see them on Google, Facebook and Instagram.

Here’s the good part — the results:

  • Calls tracked directly from the postcards: 52
  • Google ad impressions (how many times the ad was seen): 199,000
  • Google ad clicks: 44
  • Facebook & Instagram ad impressions: 1,460
  • Facebook & Instagram ad clicks: 3


ALL of those numbers are available in real-time online, so you or your marketing manager can check up on a campaign’s performance anytime, 24/7. (It’s actually all included as part of the Everywhere Small Business bundle.)

Now, let’s talk about revenue…

Mehaffey generated an immediate $4,250 from this campaign, AND, since their client retention rate is 90%, their overall projected return on this campaign is an estimated $7,975 — 88% more.

The big takeaway here:

Make sure ALL of your ads are cohesively branded.

I’m talking matching colors, special offers, photos, and call-to-actions.

Wherever your prospects see your business’s name, you want them to recognize instantly that that came from YOU.

3. Commit to REAL consistency and boost new business by 349%

Ever spent money on marketing and received ZERO results?

I don’t know a small business owner who hasn’t, myself included.

When Dr. Kevin Tanty of Tanty Family Dental contacted us to help him increase his new patients, he’d already spent $9,000 on Yelp ads with nothing to show for it — and $9,000 is no small amount!

(I am NOT a fan of Yelp and do not make an effort to hide it. In fact, I’ve expressed this more than once and my feelings are unchanged.)

But I digress.

Let’s focus on something more constructive — like the strategy we put into place to help Dr. Tanty grow his dental practice.

We set him up with a similar multi-channel marketing strategy as Mehaffey Financial above.

BUT there was one VERY BIG difference:

We encouraged Dr. Tanty to run a year-long campaign to flat out saturate his local area in order to drive in new patients.

You’re probably thinking, “Why? What’s the difference??”

And the difference is:

These are different businesses.

Tax preparation is very seasonal, while dentistry is in demand all year.

Plus, dentistry is VERY competitive.

(This is why it’s important to work with a marketing consultant directly. They have the experience and know what works best for different industries and businesses in towns and cities of all sizes. We have 35 consultants here at PostcardMania and they are all drilled on this information at least weekly.)

So, back to the campaign at hand…

Dr. Tanty bought a mailing list of nearly 6,000 future prospects who lived within a close radius of his practice and has been mailing to them every month since 2017.

Let me repeat that.

He has been mailing to the same list MONTHLY — SINCE 2017.

And his numbers just keep getting better and better.

Right now, he’s increased new patients by 349%.

AND he’s expanding.

He’s hired an associate to take more dental appointments, AND he’s just secured a property nearby, where he is going to build a newer and larger facility to accommodate all of that new business.

Let’s look at his campaign’s ads, so you can really visualize the consistency…

dental postcard

Here are his Google, Facebook, and Instagram ads:

dental google addental facebook addental instagram ad

Notice again:

Coordinated branding!

There’s no mistake it — these ads all belong to the same business.

Here are the campaign analytics:

  • Tracked calls: 212
  • Google ad impressions: 1,131,000
  • Google ad clicks: 377
  • Facebook & Instagram ad impressions: 102,000
  • Facebook & Instagram ad clicks: 238

So, let me repeat the most amazing part about all of this:

Dr. Tanty’s practice received TRIPLE the new patients, and with so much community recognition of his practice, he’s now coordinating plans to open another practice location.

So there you go! Inspired? I hope so!

If you need any help figuring out the best marketing strategy for your business, give one of my marketing consultants a call at 800-628-1804. They can tell you what strategies and special offers have already worked for businesses in your industry. Plus, their advice is 100% FREE.

Or, you can always email me directly at



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