4 Hearing Aids Postcard Designs That Audiologists Can Use Right Now

Hey my audiologists out there, tired of targeting the older crowd with newspaper ads or TV commercials for little to no return?

We know it can be hard to get the attention of the retired community – make it easier with postcards.

While they may not pay attention to what’s new and hip in marketing, they’ll always check their mailbox!

1. Use a mailing list to ensure every postcard reaches a qualified prospect

hearing aid postcard

The problem with mediums like TV or newspaper advertisements is you don’t know who’s actually going to see it. While some older generations may consume these types of media, it isn’t guaranteed that they’ll see it.

With postcards, you can target a hyper-specific audience with our mailing lists. While they aren’t keen enough to know who exactly needs hearing aids, it can target the group most likely to need hearing aids!

The hot spot for our previously successful campaigns targets the age range of 60+ with an income of at least $60,000, ensuring that they can also afford the expensive equipment.

2. Capture their attention with a bright design

hearing aid postcard design

While direct mail is a great step in the right direction to being noticed, it’s sometimes not enough to simply be in their mailbox.

They’ve received “junk mail” their entire lives – so to stand out against these boring envelopes, opt for a brightly colored postcard design!

You can use the one above, or get some free samples of postcards sent to your home to see what you would like best!

3. Use enticing offers to generate a $66,000 in revenue

marketing for hearing aid companies

Since they’re your target audience, I imagine you know how stubborn older generations can be…

Sometimes, all it takes to get them to be receptive to your product’s messaging is some attractive offers!

Take this hearing aid company, for example. They listed 2 irresistible offers on their postcard and ended up generating $66,000 – a 381% return on their investment!

4. See an IMMEDIATE $9,000 return with postcards!

hearing aid postcard example

Usually, marketing campaigns can take some time to bring back returns.

But our clients have found otherwise – like this hearing aid company. Right after their first mailing drop, they generated $9,000 from two closings, and have another 5 appointments set up!

There you have it – 4 beautiful hearing aid postcard designs you can use right now to start your Audiology direct mail campaign to grow your business!

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