Boost Your Business Growth with Everywhere Small Business Platinum’s Enhanced Targeting Features

I’m excited to share a powerful targeting tool that can help you grow your leads, revenue, and ultimately your business. This tool, included in our Everywhere Small Business Platinum marketing plan is going to expand your conversion opportunities bigger than ever before…

Technology is always growing at a rapid rate, and today there are incredible marketing tools available that can find and target the perfect prospective customers for your business exactly when they need you the most. That’s why at PostcardMania we’ve decided to expand our Everywhere Small Business Platinum features and give you access to these high-tech solutions.

Currently, our Everywhere Small Business (ESB) plans expand your reach by identifying the types of prospects in your mailing lists and then retargeting them with digital ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google following your mailings.

The Everywhere Small Business Platinum upgrade also includes: informed delivery — an email that gives prospects a preview of the mail they are about to receive with a full-color ad and  call-to-action button that drives prospects to your website; mail tracking; phone call tracking; a free QR code that you can add to your mailer; and a free Web landing page.

For years, we’ve watched our clients grow leaps and bounds because of these effective features.

Here are a couple quick ESB success stories that stand out to us:

PIPCO Air Conditioning & Heating Co. mailed 40,000 postcards to residents in their local area and then ran digital ads that matched their mailer design on Facebook, Instagram, and Google to encourage prospects to give them a call. As a result, 61 people responded, they converted 20 of them, and PIPCO made $180,000 in revenue!

Real Estate agent, Kent Rodahaver with NextHome South Pointe, also found success with his Everywhere Small Business campaign. He mailed over 10,000 postcards to a list of his own contacts and then ran digital ads on Facebook, Instagram, and Google. A total of 29 people responded, generating around $580,000 in revenue!

However, even with so many great results and feedback from our ESB clients, we decided it was time to crank up the volume and expand our targeting options even bigger.

Now if you sign up for Everywhere Small Business Platinum, you’ll get the same response-driving digital ads on Facebook, Instagram, Google, Gmail and YouTube — but now shown to an entirely new segment of people based on what they’re looking at online and where they’ve been.

We call it Browsed-Content Targeting and Visited-Locations Targeting.

How does it work?

Browsed-Content Targeting

We select topics related to your products or services and display digital ads to visitors in your service area who are searching for and viewing relevant content online.

Let’s say you have an automotive repair business in Houston, Texas. First, we’d set a virtual perimeter around your business’s location covering your full services area and then identify anyone within that area who has searched online for specific topics related to the services you offer, such as:

–check engine light repair

–car repair shops near me

–how to do an oil change

Then, those prospects will start seeing digital ads on their mobile devices for your auto repair services — just when they need them!

Visited-Locations Targeting

We select physical locations that when visited by a prospect would imply they might be a good customer for your business and we display digital ads to them about your business.

We’ll look at your products and services and come up with physical locations that when visited would likely make a prospect a good fit for you as a client. We create a virtual fence around those specific locations, and then target people who are visiting them with ads about your products or services.

Take for example a yoga studio who wants to target people who are concerned about health, fitness, and spirituality. We could target people who visit Whole Foods, other health food stores, or metaphysical shops.

Imagine a woman who is focused on improving her health walks into an organic farmer’s market, which is just 2 miles from your yoga studio.

Later she sees an ad for your business and then visits your website. Now that she has visited your website and established first-party cookies, she’ll keep seeing the digital ads in her social feeds to encourage her to reserve her spot in a yoga class.

So you may be wondering how this kind of targeting is different than the digital ads we typically do with Everywhere Small Business. While the digital ads we have been running target the general demographics of prospects you want to reach — like age, income, home value, presence of kids in the home, and more — these expansive targeting services in Everywhere Small Business Platinum use data in real time based on the locations the prospect is visiting and what they are searching for online.

The digital ads also saturate areas more significantly because there are more targeting features that aren’t limited to just Facebook and Google.

Additionally, the targeting is laser-focused on those smaller details, like the stores people are visiting, the specific products they are searching for in their browser, and the web content they are reading.

By consolidating all of this helpful and relevant data, you reach even MORE potential customers who need exactly what you have to offer.

Online research topics and locations-visited narrow down your audience even further while also growing your reach and increasing opportunity.

So to sum it all up, ESB Platinum will:

  • Target the most relevant prospects
  • Expand your brand awareness
  • Find higher quality leads
  • Grow your web traffic
  • Increase responses and conversions

With more leads coming your way, you’ll be able to close more sales, increase your annual revenue, and produce loyal customers for life.

Are you ready to grow??!

Remember how I said that a thriving garden requires patience, time, and TLC? To be honest, as the Founder/CEO of a company with 330 employees, I don’t have a lot of time to invest in making sure my vegetables grow, which is why I hire people to help me.

It’s the same with your marketing. If you don’t have the time and patience to do it yourself, don’t be afraid to hand it over to a master grower who can increase your leads and revenue! That’s why PostcardMania exists — to help small business owners like you maximize your time and leave a lot of the technical work to the experienced professionals.

I hope you give these new Everywhere Small Business Platinum features a try and then let me know how they grow your business.

Call one of our marketing consultants today at 1-800-628-1804 to turn on these amazing new features.



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