So you’ve got direct mail postcards and all this new-fangled internet technology, but how do you integrate them to get the most for your money?

Interesting you should ask, because actually using both mediums WILL get you the best results, and I just so happen to know how to do it. The key is to be in control of the process. This is how to do it…

Step by Step: Guiding Your Leads to a Sale

Here is a card that we sent. It has one central message: getting more from your direct mail campaign. Then it has one simple call to action: go to to download your free report.

Step One – Postcard:

  • Simple copy
  • Bullet points to quickly communicate
  • Immediately directs reader to next step: the landing page

Each step is designed to get the prospect to take one step. The postcard is designed to get the prospect to go to the landing page…

Step Two – Landing Page:

  • Message matches that of postcard
  • Short copy gets read!
  • Bullet point the report’s benefits
  • Make the report easy to download

Once they’re there, they can easily download the report. That is our “lead” generation. We now have the contact info of a person who is interested in doing something to get more from their postcard campaign. Not only are we providing valuable knowledge to the prospect for FREE, we are also collecting lead data AND qualifying that person as being truly interested. (This process works for ANY industry!)

Step Three – Thank You Page:

Okay, so now we have our “lead.” We’re done, right? Campaign success? Not even close! When a prospect fills out the form and hits the button to download the report, where do they go? Well, think about what you know about them. For us, we know the person is interested in learning more about improving response rate.

Then, we look for a way to combine what we know about the prospect with what is best for us. How do we create the win/win situation? The answer is simple – we route them to a page that thanks them for downloading the report they just requested and also offers a free consultation on the phone with one of our Marketing Consultants. We know they’re looking for answers, and the best way for us to help them is to get them connected – live – with someone who has those answers.

It’s a step-by-step process and you have to follow through! Don’t get a nibble and think you’ve landed the big one. Set the hook and reel them in with a great landing page – and don’t stop until you’ve made them a customer!

Start Planning Your Own Marketing Campaign!

Chapter Index:
The Ultimate Postcard Marketing Success Manual
Chapter 1:
Marketing Strategy Defined
Chapter 2:
Two Step Marketing
Chapter 3:
Attention Grabbing Marketing
Chapter 4:
Overcoming the 4 Marketing Obstacles
Chapter 5:
Email Lead Generation is NOT the Answer
Chapter 6:
Marketing ROI is Key, Not Responses
Chapter 7:
How to Build a Marketing List
Chapter 8:
Marketing to Customers
Chapter 9:
Marketing to Follow-Up List
Chapter 10:
Marketing to Targeted Prospects
Chapter 11:
Targeted Mailing Lists 101
Chapter 12:
Targeted Mailing Lists 102: Keep Them Fresh
Chapter 13:
How to Design an Effective Ad
Chapter 14:
10 Elements of a Effective Postcard Design
Chapter 15:
Writing Effective Ad Copy
Chapter 16:
Crafting a Successful Marketing Offer
Chapter 17:
Web Design Marketing Tips
Chapter 18:
Building an Integrated Marketing Plan
Chapter 19:
Setting a Marketing Budget
Chapter 20:
Setting a Marketing Schedule
Chapter 21:
Marketing Repetition is Crucial
Chapter 22:
Tracking Marketing Campaigns & Improving Results
Chapter 23:
Lead Follow-Up Process
Chapter 24:
Complete Marketing Process Overview
Chapter 25:
Postcard Marketing Case Studies
Chapter 26:
Key Marketing Terms Defined
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