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What webpage should your postcard QR code take prospects to?

By now, you might’ve heard that we just rolled out our newest technology, QR codes.

QR codes are printed barcodes on postcards that smartphone users can scan that send them directly to a webpage.

In addition, when you mail personalized postcards with PostcardMania, each QR code can be tailored to each recipient. This means when viewing your MyPostcardMania account, you’ll be able to see EXACTLY who scanned each barcode based on your mailing list!

But, where is the best place to send them? This will vary from industry to industry.

Read on to find out how QR codes will look for your business:

Depending on a business’s goals will depend on how the QR code will be used the most effectively.

1.  A product landing page

For many industries featuring a product, I’m going to recommend that your QR code takes postcard recipients to a landing page that correlates with what your postcard is advertising.

This works particularly well when coupled with a great discounted offer, and most industries can benefit from a landing page. This is because landing pages can be structured to achieve any business goal!

For eCommerce businesses that specifically sell products, you can have the recipient taken straight to a product landing page. Industries such as beauty suppliers, health and nutrition products, hearing aids, janitorial suppliers, jewelers, or any retailer or wholesaler where a physical product is featured can drive product sales this way.

2.  A service scheduling page

For those businesses that revolve around appointments, I recommend having your QR code send recipients straight to a webpage where they can immediately schedule one.

This works well with limited-time offers. While they could keep your postcard around for a while (as direct mail has an average shelf life of 17 days), most small business owners want to see more immediate returns on their marketing, and I don’t blame them! Creating urgency is a great way to get people to sign up for appointments.

As for industries, really any industry that books appointments can benefit! From all medical industries (dental, veterinarians, optometrists, etc.), to home servicing services (landscapers, remodelers, pool services, residential cleaners, etc.) and automotive (sales, repair, etc.), all businesses that revolve around appointments can benefit from QR codes.

3.  Contact Capture Form

If your goal isn’t to immediately convert, try capturing their contact information! This will significantly increase the chances of conversion, as the average amount of contacts before a sale is between 6-8 touchpoints.

The best contact capture forms will offer something of value in exchange for their contact information. While I usually recommend having a great offer of some kind, you’ll need that offer as a bargaining chip for their phone or email!

This QR Code method can work with any industry listed above. A more unique application could be for restaurants — have the QR code take them to a webpage that features a PDF of your menu, and once they see something delicious they would like to try, have them give their email for a discounted meal!

Any industry that can offer a preview of a physical visit can benefit from this methodology. Think fitness centers, grocers, museums, entertainment, or any other brick-and-mortar-dominated business!

If you’re ready to start generating revenue with QR codes, check out more information about our service here.

In addition, if you upgrade your campaign with personalized postcards, each QR code will be tailored to that recipient. This means when viewing your MyPostcardMania account, you’ll be able to see EXACTLY who scanned each barcode based on your mailing list!

If you want a marketing consultant to walk you through what a QR code could do for your business, call 1-800-628-1804 for more information. Their advice is always free!

As always, if you want to ask me any questions yourself, feel free to email me at



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