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The Ultimate Tutoring Marketing Plan: 7 Steps To Boost Your Student Roster

tutor marketing

You want more students, but the question is how to get them without spending precious money on marketing tactics not proven to work.

We’ve assisted thousands of educators market their businesses and schools in 22 years, so to save you time, we’ve compiled a list of the top 7 ways to grow your tutoring business…

Check them out!

1. Hand out professionally-branded tutoring business flyers

Sounds too simple, right?

How many of your competitors have taken the time to do the following?

  • Get a professional logo
  • Print flyers
  • And hand them out/place them at select businesses.

You may imagine in our digital age that tutoring business flyers won’t work, but it’s because consumers are inundated by digital communications that tangible flyers do still work.


Purchasing flyers is VERY affordable.

Here a few places you could stack them:

  • Libraries
  • Schools
  • Daycares
  • Children’s play centers
  • Hair salons for kids
  • Guidance counselors’ offices
  • Career counseling centers
  • Colleges
  • Grocery store or cafe community post boards


A sleek logo speaks volumes about your professionalism, so don’t skimp on that marketing-for-tutoring element.

2. Achieve a 233% return on investment with this tutoring marketing idea

You know what?

I’m talking about postcards! You don’t need to open them, your tutoring marketing shouts from the mail stack, and best of all?

You can target your postcards to hit only the houses with your prospect, aka:

Families with children at the ages you tutor!

That means:

No wasted marketing dollars!

With a targeted mailing list, you can target families by:

  • Income
  • Home value
  • Children’s ages
  • Interests and recent purchases
  • And much more!

Once you know who your target market is (just make a list of the demographics of your most frequent and loyal “customers”), you should find out how many of those people live in your immediate area…


You can run an instant mailing list count yourself, or even call our marketing experts (800-628-1804), and we can run it for you for free.

Does direct mail even still work, you ask? Check out these numbers:

  • 60% of consumers have been influenced to visit a promoted website because of direct mail
  • Direct mail outperforms all digital marketing channels combined by nearly 600%
  • 92% of Millennials have made purchasing decisions based on direct mail they received (it’s also the #1 purchasing influencer for Baby Boomers)

So, yeah. It works! Here’s one example:

math tutor flyer template

Our client RLS Tutoring Inc. wanted to grow their tutoring business, so they decided to purchase two mailing lists from us to ensure that their postcards reached qualified prospective students.

They sent their postcard multiple times to all single-family homeowners with an income of $80k+ and with a child between the ages of 5-7.

This repetition was key to their success!

This tutoring business received 35 phone calls and converted 5 of them to new students…

But here’s the best part:

The projected ROI for this campaign is 233%!

3. Send postcards to families ALREADY looking for a new school — easy

About 12% of the U.S. population moves each year…

Which means families are moving into your area RIGHT NOW.

Many of those families are looking for new, well, everything:

  • Dentists
  • Schools
  • Tutors!

That’s why your tutoring marketing plan should include new mover marketing.

With new mover postcards, you can reach new families in your target area with a personalized postcard, welcoming them to the neighborhood BY NAME and inviting them for a free consultation, introductory competency test, or simple meet-and-greet!

Here’s an example:

new mover postcard for tutoring

The best part about the new mover program is that it is 100% AUTOMATED.

Here’s how it works:

  • You tell us the demographics of your ideal prospects and a radius you want to target.
  • Every month, we’ll pull a list of new movers to your area that match those demographics
  • And then we’ll send them a personalized postcard, thereby marketing your tutoring business.

You just sit back and wait for prospects to call.

4. Use Google for marketing your tutoring center for 400% better results

Picture this:

You’ve sent some postcards out to families in your area who make over $80,000 per year, whom you know have kids between the ages of 0-6.

They look at your postcard beautifully designed, and they love what they see.

They visit your website to learn more about you…

But then they get distracted. They leave your site and never come back.

It happens ALL THE TIME!

But with Everywhere Small Business, those visitors will see Google follow-up ads — which look just like your postcards that initially piqued their interest — all over the internet, across MILLIONS of sites in the Google network!

Like this:

marketing tutoring

Does it work?

Check out these numbers:


That Google ad MATCHES the tutoring postcard from #3…

That’s the all-in-one bundled effect of Everywhere Small Business

But check out #5:

5. Add Facebook and Instagram ads to maximize your tutoring marketing strategies

It’s no secret that consumers are glued to Facebook and Instagram today…

And that includes YOUR prospects!

So why not hit those platforms with ads for marketing your tutoring services?!


If your digital ads continue to match your tutoring business flyers, postcards, and website…

Your marketing plan for your tutoring business will look LEGIT…

Thereby attracting more prospects to YOU over your competitor.

Following up on the examples in #3 and #4 above, here are the matching Facebook and Instagram ads:

marketing a tutoring business


marketing a tutoring center

Best of all:

This coordinated offline/online marketing strategy requires ZERO effort from you.

Watch the 1-minute Everywhere Small Business video here.

6. Include email in your tutoring marketing plan to save time and money.

Email is one of the most cost-effective tutoring marketing strategies available, with one caveat:

You should ONLY send emails to people who have voluntarily given you their email address.

Nobody likes unsolicited email!

But how do you get their email addresses?

Two ways:

  1. Include a lead-capture form on your website so interested prospects can easily give you their contact information. Be sure to give them a reason to opt in: Offer a free competency test or in-person consultation, or similar item. And voila! Another email address in your database!
  2. Make sure when you answer the phone for your business you ask for the contact information of every new lead who calls in. (Download this free New Caller Checklist and leave a stack of them at your desk or by your phones for help with this.)

With email marketing software, you can create a “funnel” that sends prospects a series of emails at a specific schedule to keep them interested.

You could start with a simple “welcome” email, thanking them for their interest and giving them some background on your tutoring business and mission.

A week later, you might send a second email inviting them to give you a call with any questions they may have.

And so on!

Too busy? You can hire a marketing company (like PostcardMania) to write and send emails for you, giving you more time to focus on what matters:

Your students.

7. Improve your tutoring business’s website to turn browsing prospects into new students

What’s the first thing you do when you want to find a local business?

Do you use the Yellow Pages?

Nope. You use the internet.

When families in your area are exploring their tutoring choices, they do the same…

They look for your website…

Which means:

You need to have a website that’s professional, recognized by Google, and designed to capture leads!

So if you don’t have a website, know that in this decade —

You need one.

tutoring marketing ideas

But they don’t have to be super expensive, mind-meltingly difficult pieces of technology…

You can check out PostcardMania’s affordable website services here.


Having a website isn’t enough (sorry, but it’s true).

You need to ensure your website captures leads that arrive at your website.

What do I mean?

Your website needs to have:

  • Contact forms
  • Pop-ups (well designed, well-timed)
  • Relevant information strategically placed
  • Your phone # in the upper right-hand corner
  • Reviews of your tutoring services
  • Images of you, your students, and other information prospects would want to know.

I know…

It’s A LOT.

Check out our website gallery here for ideas on what you can do with your website!

We hope you’ve found these tutoring marketing ideas helpful for growing your tutoring business!

If you’re ready to start a campaign for marketing your tutoring business — or if you want to talk further about anything you’ve read here — call our marketing experts at 800-628-1804 for a free, no-obligation consultation!



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