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21 Pool Company Marketing Ideas For More Customers

21 pool company marketing ideas for more customers

Do you need to grow your pool business with more new customers?

Here’s a list of 21 pool & spa marketing ideas you can use to generate a steady stream of new customers who need your services.

Stop relying on just referrals and Yellow Page ads —

Try any one of these!  

1. Become the #1 pool & spa service business in your area

Having an attractive logo professionally designed for your pool service advertising is important for 2 reasons:

  • It helps you look like a professional trustworthy business
  • It creates name recognition

Both of which amount to more customers!

Something like this:

pool service logo

Put yourself in your prospect’s shoes for a moment…

Imagine you’re a homeowner who’s thinking about hiring a professional pool company.

One neighbor has some guys in a beat-up pickup truck come by and hobble into the backyard wearing dirty overalls…

While another neighbor has their pool serviced by ABC Pools. You know the name of the company because their logo is on the side of their bright, clean truck and the guys all wear matching T-shirts that say “ABC Pools.”

Which one are you more likely to call?

ABC Pools!


Well, first of all, because you know their name. You can just google them!

But secondly, because they look more established and credible.


You can get your logo designed AND put on multiple promotional items to easily (and inexpensively) boost your business’s branding and professional look.


Those prices are DEFINITELY worth it for constant branding!

A lot of small pool companies skip this step in their pool service marketing plans — yet it’s part of why they stay small. (Another big reason is that they aren’t doing enough marketing (like pool service postcards!))

2. Market your services BEFORE busy season to generate $353,607 in revenue

Peak season for pool service companies comes 2 ways:

  • In the summer (when people are constantly swimming!)
  • And in the off-season, when deep-cleaning, tile work, and pump replacements happen

Therefore, you should prepare your pool service advertising to promote these very different seasons.

For example:

  • Promote in the spring your pool service and cleaning services
  • Promote in the fall/winter, any deep-cleaning services you provide

After all, the best time to drain the pool and re-do the tile is NOT when your kids want to be swimming in it.

Depending on which state you live will determine what services you promote and when.

Aka: if you live in a cooler climate, maybe you’ll promote in the fall and winter, any spa or pool heating maintenance services you offer!

woman relaxing in hot tub

If you live in a state that experiences snow-filled freezing winters, maybe you should launch a direct mail campaign at the end of summer to prepare people for pool closings. Pool closings must happen before temperatures plummet, so why not market to promote the fact that you can make prospects’ lives 100% easier by taking care of this arduous process for their pools!

An important note:

I recommend hitting your prospects with your message AT LEAST 3 times.


Repetition wins the game when it comes to pool service advertising. It builds your credibility with your target audience because when they see your marketing again and again, they understand that you’re a stable, trustworthy business…

One worth hiring, that is!

It also increases the likelihood that you will reach them when they DO need you.

For example:

A geothermal pool company mailed postcards consistently over several months and generated $353,607 in sales directly from their postcard campaign…

That’s 11.5% of ALL their sales resulting straight from their postcards!

And considering geothermal heating is a pretty specialized feature, you can see why consistency of marketing is so needed! (Meaning, the first time someone learns about geothermal heating isn’t probably the same day they’ll pick up the phone and buy it. It takes marketing over time!).


Market yourself consistently and over time.

Not only will this help you stay busy throughout your busiest season, but you’ll generate sales for any other services you offer throughout the entire year.

3. Target your ideal prospects to attract 35 qualified leads

If you want to avoid wasting money with your pool service marketing, you need to discriminate!

What I mean is…

Mailing pool service postcards to every single homeowner in your city can get expensive — FAST — especially if you live in a densely populated area.

And not to mention…

You’d be hitting homes (or apartment complexes) that don’t need to hire you.

Narrow your focus.

Choose your prospects.

And think about this:

Say you mail pool service postcards all over town.

Yet, your route is concentrated in one area, but you get a call from someone on the other side of town who needs their pool cleaned.

Is it worth your time (not to mention gas money) to drive to the opposite end of town to clean one pool one time?

Probably not.

So your targeting can — and probably should — go beyond geography.

aerial shot of pool and palm trees

You can target only your IDEAL prospects to generate only the highest quality leads (and jobs)!

For example:

This Florida pool company mailed 6,000 postcards and received 35 qualified responses and $10,000 in revenue right off the bat!

If you don’t know who your ideal prospects are, finding them is easy…

All you have to do is figure out who your best (read: most profitable) customers are, and market to more people like them (hello, targeted mailing lists!)!


Your most profitable clients might be commercial properties. Don’t forget them!

4. Use this time-tested marketing tool to generate a 415% Return on Investment (ROI)

Direct mail remains a time-tested pool service marketing tool — yes, even in our digital age!

Consider these numbers:

  • Direct mail’s response rate is 750% more than email
  • 93% of people ages 25-34 have responded to direct mail — 88% respond within 6 months

Which is to say:

Direct mail WORKS. And one specific type of pool service marketing direct mail works ESPECIALLY well…

effective pool service postcard design

I’m talking about pool service postcards!

Pool service advertising using postcards is cost-effective because:

  • You can target only your IDEAL prospects by neighborhood and/or demographics
  • Recipients see your message without even having to open it
  • You save on postage when you mail pool service postcards rather than letters or folded flyers

This Missouri pool company generated a 415% return on investment (ROI) with their postcard campaign!

FREE report: See REAL pool marketing campaigns, their mailing strategies, and RESULTS


Check out our gallery of pool & spa marketing designs that are currently working for other businesses just like yours, and even request a FREE direct mail sample pack!

5. Capture some of the 95% of leads visiting your website

Your website isn’t just a fancy place for your prospects to visit you online…

Honestly, it’s a MAJOR part of your pool service marketing strategy.

Consider this:

95% of your prospects will visit your website before making any decision to buy from you (or not).

So your website must immediately communicate the following:

  • Who you are
  • Which services you provide
  • That you’re a real (credible) business
  • And how to contact you.

Take a look at this website:

effective pool service website design

NO ONE will question that this website belongs to a pool company.


See how they showcase their special offers?

special offers on pool service website

LOVE how they’re designed like coupons so you know those 2 deals represent savings!

And see how they feature their services as clickable links?

pool service pictures on website

And once you click on one of those links, you can read a to-the-point description AND contact them directly to the right!

contact form on a pool service website

Which leads me to this:

Your website must be armed with multiple ways to capture leads…

Otherwise, it’s like a fat waste of money.

So make sure to read #6 next:

6. Avoid losing 96% of hard-earned leads with fill-in forms on your website

You’ve gone to the trouble and expense to generate a lead with your pool service postcards or flyers (or commercial or whatever). Again, the MAJORITY (about 95%) of those people are headed straight for your website.

But 96% of those visitors are not yet ready to become a customer, according to Kissmetrics.

So what then?

They leave your site and go on with their lives. When they’re ready to call someone for their pool, will they remember you?

Maybe — or maybe not.

To maximize your pool service marketing dollars, you need to capture the identity of those interested prospects so you can follow up with them, keeping your business top of mind so when they need your services, they call YOU!


With a lead-capture form, like this:

pool service lead capture form

An effective lead capture form works by offering your visitor something useful — a FREE quote, for example, or a FREE pool cleaning — in exchange for their email address.

FREE report: 128 steal-worthy special offers you can use for your pool & spa marketing  

Once you have their email address, you can email them with special offers and updates regularly!


The LESS information you ask for, the more likely people are to fill out your form. Most people are pretty willing to share their email address — their phone number is a different story!

Now that you know your prospects will visit your website, and you’re going to ensure you have a contact form on your website, here are even more swimming pool marketing ideas:

7. Nail your Google listing to generate FREE leads from Google

Register for a FREE Google Business Profile account. It’s how you’ll update your Google listing for your business, meaning…


Google listing for a pool service company in New York

When someone googles for pool services like yours (or YOUR business directly), one of the first things Google shows from its search is your Google business listing (like the one above).

Your Google listing can (and should) show pictures of your awesome work (like before/afters!), plus all information googlers want to see right off the bat. This information gets pulled from data you enter in your Google Business Profile account.

So you need to make sure you have this data entered correctly, specifically:

  • Your business’s actual name
  • Address (Google will verify it)
  • Phone number
  • Hours of operation
  • Category of your business.

You’ll also manage and respond to any Google reviews from your Google Business Profile account — more on why that’s important in #8.

Again, make sure you keep ALL your contact information updated in your Google Business Profile account since inaccurate information about you will actually prevent Google from bringing up your business in searches. Meaning, your business may end up showing up LESS in Google searches —

Which is NOT what we want considering Google is the #1-used search engine in the U.S!

So if your address OR hours change (like for holidays) make sure to update it in Google Business Profile!!

Nothing is more frustrating than contacting a business that’s supposed to be open, but for some reason isn’t.

FREE report: Grab this step-by-step guide to set up your Google Business Profile account — EASY!

Another benefit to keeping your business’s information totally up-to-date is you’ll be found easier on Google Maps!

Google Maps results for Miami pool service

If someone uses Google Maps to search for a local pool company (which is generally what they’re looking for), your correct and updated information on the internet (including Google Business Profile) will enable your ranking in Google Maps to be higher than those other pool techs who don’t take the time.

Google results with maps listings first

So make sure your business’s contact information is correct on these websites too:

  • Yelp
  • Facebook
  • Other social media accounts
  • Citysearch

Plus —

Google Maps results show up even BEFORE organic results…

Meaning, prospects see Google Maps results FIRST when they search on Google.


Google results for pool companies in Miami with maps results before organic listings

The first organic listing for a pool company in the above search comes AFTER those Google Maps results.

Remember that Google LOVES consistency, so just keep your business’s information updated across anywhere it’s listed online and work on getting lots of positive reviews too, which I talk about here:

8. Use Google reviews as 90% trust and act on them

When prospects see positive reviews, they’re 90% more likely to trust and buy from you, according to research.

Plus, people are more likely to click on a business’s website when its Google reviews are positive, meaning those golden star ratings you see!

Google results with star ratings

It’s like Google has trained us to recognize that stars = ratings, and the more, the better!

So the game becomes:

Get LOTS of 4- and 5-star reviews of your business online!

Here are some ways to do that:

  • Have your staff tell customers they’d appreciate a review
  • Make sure customers know HOW to leave a Google review
  • Add a link in your email signature
  • Send gentle email reminders that you’d appreciate a review!
  • Read this article I wrote specifically about Google reviews

I recommend just adding this line to your emails and to the bottom of your invoices:

“Have feedback about our service? Leave a review!”


FREE report: How to get more positive Google reviews to promote your business

When you’re done servicing a customer’s pool, tell them you’d appreciate a review online if they’ve enjoyed your service.


You also want to take the time to RESPOND to negative reviews.

When you spot a negative review online, make sure to comment on it and respond with a sincere apology and offer to remedy whatever occurred that was dissatisfactory with their pool service.

The last thing you need is a disgruntled former customer bad-mouthing your business.

So handle the review well, and they could turn into a happy customer!


Even if the customer can’t be satisfied no matter what you offer or do, your response online will at least show other consumers that you care enough to communicate and try to help.

9. Update your online listings to reach 93% of online prospects

As many as 93% of all online experiences begin with a search engine, according to SearchEngine Journal.

And while many of the people who receive your pool service postcards will search for you by name and go directly to your website, many of them will simply search for what they need, like:

“Best pool company in [your town].”

And they will see a TON of listings, many of which will be search and review sites, like:

  • Google
  • Yelp
  • Angie’s List
  • Thumbtack

Make sure you’re listed on those sites — and that your business profile is correct, up-to-date and filled with beautiful photos of your work…

Yelp listing for a pool company

Or you risk LOSING all of those prospects to your competitors.

Don’t just sign up these review site accounts and think your job is done though. Keeping your listings current means setting aside time to upload new photos regularly and asking your happy customers to leave you a review on the site (remember #8)!

10. Attract 75% more of your potential customers with Google pay-per-click ads

As I mentioned before in #9, 93% of online experiences start with a search engine. Unfortunately, only 75% of those people will scroll past the first page of results, according to HubSpot.

With Google pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, your pool servicing advertising appears even above the organic listings when people search for your services.

Here’s an example in Google Maps:

Google Pay Per Click results for clearwater pool service


When someone searches in Google Maps for a local pool company, the first results Google shows them are paid ads.

What’s great about PPC is that you only pay when someone clicks on your ad!

What’s not so great is that it’s complicated, and you can easily waste money on unqualified clicks (when people click on your ad so you have to pay, but they’re not qualified leads who are likely to turn into customers).

With PPC ads, you bid on keywords, like “pool service” or “best pool company.” Google AdWords (Google’s PPC platform) will suggest a bid for you, but you can actually bid however much you want.

Your cost per click is determined by many factors — your bid being just one — such as:

  • How relevant Google thinks your website is to your targeted keyword
  • “Dwell time” on your website (how long visitors stay there once they click on your ad)
  • Your conversion rate (how many visitors take your desired action, such as filling out your lead capture form)

I know…

It’s complicated.

Download our FREE report: How to Do Pay Per Click Yourself (And Not Waste Your Money)

When you’re first starting out with PPC, I recommend setting a budget (say, $15 a day) and playing around with your ads to see what gets the best results.


The most clicks isn’t necessarily the best result. You PAY for each click (hence the name PAY-PER-CLICK). You want to make sure those clicks are converting into leads!

Here are a couple of tips:

  • Create a dedicated landing page for each ad that is a clear continuation of the message on your ad (if your ad says “3rd cleaning FREE!” but your landing page only says “Get an estimate,” people will click away faster than you can say “good-bye, lead!”
  • Make sure your landing page has a lead capture form!
  • Add call extensions to your ads (either your phone number or a “click to call” button for mobile ads) and the people who are ready to call can do so without you being charged for the click!


Managing a PPC campaign can feel like a full-time job — but as a business owner, you already have one (or 5)!

It’s probably worth it to hire a PPC professional to do it for you.

You can use PostcardMania’s PPC management services here.

11. Reach 79% of potential customers on the world’s largest social media platform

Facebook marketing is crazy popular, and with good reason.

According to Pew Research:

  • 79% of online Americans are on Facebook
  • That’s 68% of ALL Americans
  • 75% of them go on the site every day

In other words:

It’s a huge opportunity for pool service advertising.


Many business pages’ organic reach (that’s how many people you can reach for free) have declined sharply. For some, it’s as low as 2 PERCENT.

That means you have to pay up for an ad, like this:

Facebook ad for pool service

I recommend running Facebook ads at the same time you’re mailing your pool service postcards.

In fact:

Match your Facebook ad’s special offer and design with that of your direct mail campaign.

Like this:

effective design for pool service postcard

When your prospects see ONE cohesive marketing message — whether they receive your postcard in the mail OR see your ad on Facebook — the point is:

They see you in more than one place.

This coordination of mailing postcards plus simultaneously showing matching Facebook ads gives your prospects the perception that your business is almost everywhere.

It’s called Everywhere Small Business. With it, your business can simultaneously target prospects with:

  • Direct mail
  • Google ads (across thousands & thousands of internet websites)
  • AND Facebook ads right in their newsfeeds.

And YOU don’t have to do anything.

Essentially your pool & spa marketing will be shown EVERYWHERE your prospects already spend their time, generating the following:

  • Calls to your business (that we track for you)
  • Clicks to your website (we track these too!)
  • Millions of online impressions (eyes on YOUR ads)
  • Essentially MORE leads with ZERO effort from you.

Watch the Everywhere Small Business video to see how exactly this program can increase your pool service marketing exponentially.  

And since we’re on the subject of marketing on autopilot…

12. Turn NEW movers in your area into automatic customers without lifting a finger

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, a little over 11% of the American population moves every year. Many of those people need pool maintenance services, if not pool reconstruction!

With our New In Town program, you can reach new movers in your service area every month without you even having to think about it!

Here’s how it works:

  • You tell us your target demographic and service area
  • We design a postcard for your business
  • Every month, we automatically send all new movers that fit your targeting criteria your pool mailing
  • They call to redeem your offer, then you wow them with your services and create new customers!

And this is cool:

Your pool service postcards are personalized with the name of the recipient (they can also be customized for each recipient to match their demographics), so they take notice!

Here’s an example:

personalized postcard example for pool service company

By automatically mailing to all the new movers in your area, your pool & spa business can receive a steady stream of new customers who need your services for their new backyards.

13. Attract up to 56% more clients by distributing flyers and door hangers

According to the Data & Marketing Association, 56% of consumers trust print marketing more than other marketing mediums which is part of why pool service postcards can generate up to a 415% return on investment…

But guess what:

Pool service advertising flyers and door hangers work too!


They’re extremely affordable!

If you’re a brand new business trying to figure out how to generate more leads on the cheap, flyers (like the one below) are a good place to start.

pool service flyer design

If you’re not the creative type, you can find free templates online — Pinterest has tons of them — that you can customize for your own pool & spa marketing. (Don’t forget to include your professional logo from #1!)

The only problem is:

I don’t know ANY small business owner who has the kind of time required to pass them out!


When it comes to delivering your flyers, you could:

  1. Pay someone to post them for you. This is a great job for high-school-aged kids. (I recommend checking up on them, though, to make sure your flyers are actually being delivered!)
  2. Have your crew deliver them in the neighborhoods where they’re already working.

And while you’re crew is handing out your flyers, have them do this too:

14. Always keep communication open with your customers

Failing to stay in touch with existing customers is an extraordinarily costly mistake.

The biggest asset your company has, along with its employees, is its existing customer base — people who’ve already given you their ultimate vote of confidence:

Their money!


Existing customers are not only a source for current business, but also for referrals.

woman on the phone

So it’s VERY important you keep in touch with customers because they could generate MORE business for you!

One way to keep in touch with existing customers is by sending them a monthly email newsletter.

You can feature almost anything in your newsletter, but here are some ideas:

  • Current specials
  • Promotions
  • New team additions
  • New changes to your business
  • New pricing
  • New services you’re adding
  • And how you help the community.

FREE report: 8 easy ways to turn your email newsletter into a MUST read


Motivate your employees to be friendly to customers when they see them. Just a simple “hello” shows your customers you appreciate them, and:

Any potential prospects nearby will notice your team’s friendliness and remember it!

After all:

People love to buy from those whom they LIKE.

15. Ask for referrals as 92% of people trust them

According to a report by Nielsen, 92% of consumers trust referrals from people they know.

Not surprising, right?

When you ask someone for a referral, you’re usually asking them because you know and trust their insight!

Don’t assume your clients know you’re wanting to grow your business with new customers.

You can add a line at the bottom of your invoices that says:

“We LOVE referrals! Get your next pool cleaning FREE for any referral who becomes a client with us!”

You can also add this to the bottom of your email newsletter!

woman lounging and looking at her tablet

Another great thing about referrals?

You don’t have to PAY to generate them as new fresh leads.


Just reward your current clients who give you referrals…

Which will make them feel valued and save YOU extra pool & spa marketing dollars!

16. Use your blog to generate 4.5X more leads

Think a blog is optional for your pool service advertising strategy?

Get this:

Publishing helpful articles on your business’s blog can actually generate up to 4.5 times more leads than businesses who don’t utilize this free online marketing resource, according to Hubspot.

arrow pointing up to demonstrate increase in leads

Need ideas for your blog??

Listen to your current customers.

And answer these questions:

  • What do they need help with?
  • What questions do they have when they’re looking for a pool service company?
  • What helpful content can you write about that will prove you’re a credible business?


When you arm your pool service marketing strategy with helpful content featured on your website’s blog, you’ll have a better chance of ranking on Google.


By using keywords.

Make a list of keywords that your prospects may use when googling for a business (just like yours), and include those keywords in both your blog and website pages.

When a prospect googles for a pool service company like you, Google will more likely suggest your website to that prospect if keywords planted on your website mirror what your prospect entered into Google.

It’s like FREE SEO (search engine optimization) for your pool service marketing… speaking of which…

17. Improve your Google ranking with search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engines work by finding websites which match the keywords your prospects search with.

So if your prospects enter “[Your City] pool service” (aka Tampa pool service), your website will rank higher in Google to the degree that your website pages have the keywords “Tampa pool service” in them (as well as other factors that are more complicated that we won’t get into detail on here).

seo for pool company

Above are the TOP results for Tampa pool service businesses when I googled for them. The guys you see above have websites that are built to be found by Google, and that’s SEO in action!

To get your website found on Google, your website’s data must be accurate and filled with keywords your prospects use to find business just like yours.

Again, make a list of these keywords using Google’s free keyword planner tool, and have your website guy (even if that’s you!) use them on the pages of your website — your homepage, your About Us page, etc.

But it’s NOT only keywords you need.

Here are some tips to increase your website’s SEO:

  • Each page’s title (learn about page titles here) should be different
  • Homepage’s page title should havepool service” plus your city & state
  • Your contact data (on your contact page) must be correct
  • Your business’s data must be referenced (cited) on other popular web pages
  • You should have and use a free Google Business Profile

SEO is not a one-shot deal — much like marketing in general!

So beware of any company that claims to guarantee to get your website to #1 on Google in a short amount of time.

SEO is a continual process since Google and its algorithms (formulas) change all the time. That’s why getting reviews and making sure your website is set up to capture leads is 100% worth your time (and it’s less complicated too.)

18. Close up to 80% more sales by automatically following up with leads

Here’s the deal:

The majority of swimming pool marketing ideas will not close 100% of the leads on the first attempt. And neither will your BEST sales person.

Makes sense, right?

Take this:

Let’s say you receive an email from someone directly from the contact form on your website.

This person’s reached out to you with some level of interest —

That’s a lead!

They’ve asked you how much your pricing is for draining their pool and acid washing the tile. You provide an answer and then…


You email them, maybe call them (if they provided a phone number), and still no word back.

No customer yet.

Now what?

NOW you follow up with them!

But instead of emailing and calling them every day, you can use email marketing to automatically follow up with this lead for you.

illustration of incoming emails

In a free email marketing software, such as MailChimp for example, you can set up a simple campaign to automatically email leads so that you’re continually reaching out to them.

Also called an “email drip campaign,” it works in pool service marketing by sending out emails on a predetermined schedule to prospects in a list that you create.

FREE report: Easily automate your email marketing to close up to 80% MORE sales

Instead of you remembering to manually email prospects on a set schedule, have your email marketing system do it for you.

Plus, you can use this same email marketing tool to send out monthly newsletters to your customers, making them feel like you care to keep them updated on things like:

  • Special promotions you’re running
  • New services you’re now offering
  • Help you’ve provided the local community
  • Pictures of stellar jobs you’ve done!

The idea is that the more prospects are followed up with consistently, the more likely they’ll remember YOUR business (vs. your competition)

And when someone remembers you, they’re MUCH more likely to BUY from you when the time comes.

If you want a done-for-you email marketing solution, you can use PostcardMania’s email marketing services.  

19. Reach out to other similar businesses and form partnerships

What other businesses have clients who need your services?

How about these:

  • Pest control
  • Home inspection companies
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Landscapers
  • Garden shops
  • HVAC professionals
  • Hardware stores
  • Real estate investors
  • Real estate agents

Just to name a few!

man cleaning pool

If you’re not in the loop with your local Chamber of Commerce, this is a great place to rub elbows with other local businessmen and women…

ALL of whom could either use your expertise or know others who can!

20. Up your phone game to track & close more leads

Do you know what happens when a prospect calls into your pool business?

When a prospect calls your business, you don’t want to waste the call.

With prospects doing a lot of their purchase research online, when you have a prospect on the phone, you want to be on your A game.

man in business suit sitting by a pool


When a prospect calls in, you can ask what pool service advertising they saw.

Make it easy on whoever mans the phones by using a new caller sheet

An easy-to-use sheet which helps whoever answers your phones to get ALL the necessary information from the prospect about what pool service advertising they received or saw.


You can also record incoming calls at your office so you can listen and actually hear how your receptionist or other staff handle prospective new customers.

Also called call tracking —

We use this in our DirectMail2.0 program so that business owners can not only hear how their prospect calls are handled…

But they can use this insight to train their staff to receive calls properly with the intention of getting appointments for sales purposes.

And your new caller sheet will also help you do one of the most important things you can do in your pool marketing plan:

21. Track your results like a pool & spa marketing expert

Only TRACKING will show you what parts of your marketing creates leads (and sales) for your business.

So — HOW do you track?

Well, that new caller sheet (#21) is one way!

Another way:

Google Analytics — a free tool from Google that tracks the following:

  • Who visits your website
  • Where they’re from
  • What pages they visit
  • How long they stay there
  • And WAY more!

FREE report: Easily set up Google Analytics on your website for website tracking

Let’s say you mail out 10,000 pool service postcards, and you check your Google Analytics account and notice 6,000 people visited your website with 1,000 people landing and spending 1-3 minutes on your “About Us” page.

But… maybe only 25 people made it to your contact page to actually contact you and become real leads for your business.

Here’s an idea:

Why not put a pop-up or lead capture form on that “About Us” page to capture more of the leads who read all about you and turn them into tangible leads!


However — the most important metric to track?

Return on investment (ROI)!

The ultimate measurement of your marketing is how much sales they generate for your business.

Your response could even be low…

But your ROI could be HIGH.

Here’s what I mean, by example:

Lightning Pools & Pavers — a local Clearwater-area company — regularly mails postcards to generate qualified leads for their pool construction business. Out of every 6,000 postcards they mail, they receive about 15-30 responses. Now this doesn’t sound like much…BUT listen up:

Using postcards as their prime marketing medium, they increased their overall sales by 53%.

Over HALF.

Here’s their design:

effective postcard design for pool company

If you’re reading this, chances are you know how much it costs to build or re-construct a pool (Lightning’s specialty)…

Which means:

Their direct mail responses can add up to a LOT (aka, a 53% increase in their revenue!)!

Especially since using targeted mailing lists means you’re ONLY paying to mail postcards to people who are actually likely to need, want, and afford your pool services…

Which is to say:

If you track your resulting revenue from your marketing, you’ll be able to tell what is worth re-investing into.

FREE report: The EASIEST track-your-marketing sheet that ever existed

So there you have it!

21 pool service marketing ideas you can use to grow your business.

I hope you’re feeling inspired! For even more marketing ideas, check out these pool service postcards with ready-made designs you can use! And if you have questions about anything mentioned here, such as marketing with Everywhere Small Business, leave a comment or you can email me at

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