4 Must-Use Postcards for Moving and Storage Companies

Hey Moving and Storage Pros!

As you know, consistent, qualified leads are essential for boosting your business.

So… how do you reach potential clients where they are, when they are there?

By sending out targeted postcards to a mailing list packed with prospects in need of moving and storage services!

Here’s an idea: find out how many homeowners are selling their homes in your service area and send pre-mover daily mailers. Trust me, it works.

Imagine mailing thousands of postcards monthly, all featuring your logo. It builds recognition and trust. And most importantly, it brings in fresh leads!

Check out these 4 postcard templates designed to bring you success:

Easy Customization, High Impact

Personalize your postcards for maximum effect. Get straight to the point with your messaging… and offer a discount!

moving postcard

When you target a mailing list full of people planning a move, offer them what they need.

This company offered one-month free storage for anyone moving or renovating.  Check out this moving and storage company that made $240,000 in revenue off their postcard campaign.

Reliable moving and storage solutions!

Showcase a simple, direct message that highlights your services and the ease of getting one month free off their storage needs.

Need help creating your postcards? We got you!

storage postcard

This company generated … wait for it … 800 phone calls! That led to $240k in revenue. Yup, that’s right.

Ask questions! It grabs attention!

Target those in urgent need of moving services with empathetic messaging.

free month storage postcard

Include a prominent discount or special offer graphic. It makes the deal seem real and achievable.

Don’t forget to track your leads using call tracking numbers to measure your campaign’s success!

A charming, personable postcard design can be irresistible!

Use friendly imagery to create a connection. Adding a professional logo enhances credibility.

storage postcard template

Precision targeting is key — get 1000 FREE mailing list records here.

A bright, bold postcard ensures it stands out in any mail stack, making your service memorable.

Use colors and messages that address the stress of moving. Show how your services can make it easier – having a clean, safe, affordable space for your stuff!

Combine your direct mail campaign with digital ads to create a multi-channel approach and maximize your reach. Everywhere Small Business puts your business right where your prospects spend their time. Check out this video about it here and learn how to simply and cost effectively cover your entire area!

We handle the design, execution, and tracking of your campaign. Plus, you can monitor your results 24/7 from an online portal.

So there you have it! A little dose of inspiration to spice up and fire up your moving and storage marketing campaign strategy.

If you have any questions about running a lead-generating marketing campaign for your moving and storage business, please give one of our marketing experts a call at 800-628-1804. Their advice is 100% FREE!



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