How an MLB Team and a Regional Restaurant Chain Maximized Postcard Engagement with Informed Delivery (and how you can too!)

If you’re not familiar, Informed Delivery sends residential mail recipients who opt in to the free USPS program a digital preview of their household’s incoming mail alongside a website-linked ad.

Currently, the average open rate for an Informed Delivery email is nearly 70%, according to an analysis of the program by the U.S. Census Bureau.

This is exponentially higher than any other kind of email open rate – which is why it’s getting attention from nationally recognized brands.

Major League Baseball team, the Pittsburgh Pirates, and regional restaurant chain, Bono’s Pit Bar-B-Q utilized Informed Delivery to maximize the results of their postcard marketing campaigns.

See how they boosted their response rates by more than 30% each here…

These case studies show that even huge companies benefit from the efficacy of technology-infused direct mail.

The Pittsburgh Pirates, the Pittsburgh area’s Major League Baseball team, set out with a goal to get more people to attend a game held on First Responder’s Day with this postcard:

bucs postcard

The organization used direct mail in the past before but wanted to see if adding Informed Delivery would increase their response rate.

So, in their Informed Delivery campaign, they included an ad that featured a free jersey with every ticket purchase.

informed delivery example

In their Informed Delivery campaign, The Pittsburgh Pirates increased their response rate by 39%!

These kinds of results aren’t limited to major sports organizations – any business in any industry can increase response with Informed Delivery.

Bono’s Pit Bar-B-Q, a Florida-based restaurant chain, included Informed Delivery in their postcard campaign to drive people to their website.

One of their ads included a $10 coupon on their postcard, which they chose to highlight in their informed delivery ad by making the rest of the postcard preview grayscale:

restaurant informed delivery example

This gamble paid off – Bono’s Pit Bar-B-Q increased their website traffic by 35% when compared to other Informed Delivery campaigns with a full-color ad against a grayscale preview image!

As you can see, the more creative with your Informed Delivery campaign, the better the results.

Its effectiveness depends on a couple of main attributes, each critical to campaign traction:

  • The postcard preview
  • The clickable ad
  • The design of the postcard and clickable ad
  • The attractiveness of the offer

PostcardMania recently released our own version of Informed Delivery to boost the response rates of your own small business marketing campaign!

We will work with you on the postcard design, clickable ad, and offer to maximize the lucrative potential of your next postcard campaign.

You can learn more about PostcardMania’s Informed Delivery here. It’s completely free to add to any Everywhere Small Business Platinum campaign, and the cost is minimal to add to any other campaign.

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