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Freshen Up Your Postcard Marketing (Part 2 of 3): Improve Your Logo

In the first part of this series, I talked about the benefits of adding a dedicated landing page for your postcards. This week I wanted to talk about step 2: creating an engaging and memorable logo.

There are four main benefits that a professionally designed logo gives you. And if you aren’t getting all four, your logo isn’t up to snuff. See how your logo stacks up to this list…

The Benefits of an Improved Logo

1.The first benefit of improving your logo is better recall. A professionally designed logo will catch people’s eye and stick with them.

2.Another benefit of a professionally designed logo is it looks… well… professional. An effective and engaging logo shows prospects your company has it together and exudes a professionalism right the start. First impressions are huge when it comes to selling.

3.Third, when a prospect sees a professionally designed logo, it develops a sense of trust in them. It gives them a reason to read the rest of the postcard to find out what you are offering them. Trust is crucial in marketing and improving your logo let you develop “trust at first sight”.

4.Lastly, a logo needs to not only look professional; it needs to say something to your prospects. Just like any piece of art has a message, so can your logo. Your logo should truly represent you and your company. You want your prospects to get a sense of who you are through your logo. It helps them connect to your company, and that increases sales all by itself.

Each of these 4 benefits makes all of your marketing efforts stronger, but it takes a trained eye to design the right logo for your business.

If you think your logo needs improvement (or if you don’t have a logo!), visit our webpage for logo design or call my marketing consultants for a FREE logo review – 800-628-1804. They will help you see if you are achieving all 4 of the benefits of a professional logo.

What role do you think a logo plays in marketing? Let’s discuss in the comments below…



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