3 Design Elements to Make Teeth Whitening Postcards Pop

A white smile does wonders for one’s appearance and confidence. People with white smiles tend to smile more, and smiling literally has a positive impact on our brain chemistry.

Outside of that, people with brighter smiles always make an excellent first impression, making them more attractive, helping with things like interviews, socializing, or even finding a romantic partner.

It makes sense that people pay big bucks for expensive whitening toothpaste and teeth whitening procedures.

We’ve done thousands of dental practice postcard marketing campaigns. The data shows that offering a teeth whitening discount is one of our highest performing postcard offers to incite conversions.

To effectively grab the recipient’s attention and bring their attention to the teeth whitening offer, we use several design tactics to create a compelling eye trail.

Eye trails are how you observe and look over an object to form some kind of meaning or knowledge about it, and we can design direct mail pieces to manipulate this eye trail to achieve a conversion for your practice.

Check out these designs that feature teeth whitening offers:

1. Put “White” right in the title to get their attention

teeth whitening postcard

What better way to get a prospect’s attention to your teeth whitening offer? This helps pull anyone that has issues with the color of their teeth’s attention into your postcard’s message.

There are a ton of places you can place a headline to effectively pull in attention. Check some of the ways we display them here.

2. Feature a “before and after” picture of the teeth whitening procedure in action

before and after teeth whitening postcard

This is another effective way to get people thinking about the color of their teeth and pull them in to start the eye trail. Most people’s smiles aren’t as bright as the after side of the picture, and this pulls them in to read the rest of the card and what it offers.

This postcard’s offers work with the image and revolve around teeth whitening, so anyone concerned about the color of their teeth knows what the next move is!

3. Display the teeth whitening offer where the recipient can’t miss it

teeth whitening postcard example

When you look at this card, where do your eyes go?

You probably noticed the smiling model pointing to the headline with “White” right in the title. (Sound familiar?)

Once you’re committed to scanning the card, the next thing you’re bound to notice is the “FREE WHITENING” offer at the top right.

That’s the magic of using a postcard design to create an eye trail!

Eye trails are used in every form of display advertising, and we’ve mastered them in our Everywhere Dental product.

Everywhere Dental brings together several powerful marketing channels: postcards, Google, Gmail, Youtube, Facebook, and Instagram. Each with a design matching the postcards you send; when combined, it makes your business seem, well, everywhere!

everywhere dental graphic

But what makes Everywhere Dental really special is the phone call analysis.

This option grants our team of experts to your incoming calls. From there, they can analyze your new patient calls so that you can convert the maximum percentage of callers into new patients for your practice!

It even comes with an easy-to-read dashboard display, so you know exactly how your front desk performs.

Whether or not you decide to campaign with us, I hope this blog helps you display your teeth whitening services more prominently, no matter where they are!

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