These 3 Use it or Lose it Benefits Postcards Bring in New Patients!

Some of the most effective postcard campaigns that we’ve seen, based on our data, capitalize on seasonality.

While the dental industry doesn’t really have a “season” per say, they definitely can take advantage of the expiration of dental benefits at the end of every year.

Try one of these “use it or lose it” benefits postcards to bring in a flux of new patients!

1. Create urgency to use their dental benefits

A big reason these campaigns have so much traction is that they remind recipients that they’ll soon lose their benefits and create a sense of urgency to use them while they can.

Using an ellipsis (…) in the headline is an effective way to create this sense of urgency. It leaves the recipient hanging and wanting to know more!

2. Remind them of the exact date their benefits expire

Some people might not be receptive to the phrase “end of the year” as a timeline for when they need to use their benefits since it isn’t really that specific.

Including the exact date that they expire lights a fire under the recipient to get into your practice before that particular date!

3. Combine your reminder with a great offer for a final push

Recipients may be on the fence at times, and the urgency created with your headline will not be enough to bring them in.

This is where your offer comes in. Everybody loves a good discount – when used in conjunction with created urgency, it may be enough to push them over the edge of uncertainty!

Try a use it or lose it campaign this year and see the results pour in!

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