9 Awesome Cleaning Business Postcards You Can Send

cleaning business postcards

ATTN: cleaning business owners!

Need proven-to-work cleaning business postcards (home and commercial) you can send to generate more new customers?

Here are 9 house cleaning postcards and commercial cleaning postcards you can steal!

1. Use a bold headline to grab prospects’ attention on your house cleaning postcards

See how your eyes immediately go to the bold white headline at the top?

house cleaning postcards

2. Personalize each cleaning business postcard to your prospects

Here’s an example:

house cleaning postcard templates

See how “Mike Smith” is at the top of the postcard?

We use a printing technique called “variable data printing,” meaning we pull the first (and in this case, last) name of each prospect from your mailing list, and print it on your postcard  100% automatically.


Personalizing your house cleaning postcard templates only costs pennies extra per piece, yet it can help increase your response!

3. Plug your logo into this genius house cleaning postcard template

Make sure any house cleaning postcards you send always show your recognizable logo.

cleaning business postcards

Need help with a professional logo?

Check out PostcardMania’s logo design services here.

4. Add Facebook, Google, and Instagram ads automatically to your marketing

Remind both new and existing customers that service is due with a house cleaning postcard (or commercial cleaning postcard) they can keep for whenever they do need you!

Here’s a commercial cleaning postcard example:

commercial cleaning postcards

Then, you can amplify your commercial cleaning postcards’ reach by adding automatic matching digital ads.

Here’s how that works:

By adding digital ads to your direct mail campaign, your business can be seen EVERYWHERE prospects spend their time:

  • On thousands of internet websites via the Google network
  • On Facebook where 79% of Americans check in
  • And on Instagram, particularly on the mobile app

The best part?

This multi-channel marketing strategy requires ZERO effort from you.

We call this Everywhere Small Business.

You can watch a 1-minute video about it here.

5. Give a FREE offer (or two!) your prospects will call you for  

Multiple offers work great for cleaning businesses!

house cleaning postcards

6. Send commercial cleaning postcards to a targeted mailing list for DOUBLE the leads

By targeting whom you mail your postcards, you’ll receive at least DOUBLE the response, according to data from the DMA.

How do you know WHO to target though?

Go through your customer base and make a list of all your BEST customers…

Then tabulate the demographics of each of those awesome customers, and you’ve got a list of demographics you’ll use to create your laser-targeted mailing list.

7. Promote your services with a can’t-miss-it design  

Prospects will definitely LOOK at your house cleaning postcards if you use this template:

cleaning business postcards

8. Market across multiple channels simultaneously to increase new customers all year long 

Let’s face it:

Prospects today spend time online, on their smartphones, at work, running errands, on vacation — all this, in addition to spending time at home!

So if you want your marketing to reach your prospects where they spend their time?

You need to market everywhere.

commercial cleaning postcards

9. Reach NEW movers in your desired area without lifting a finger

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, a little over 11% of the American population moves every year. Many of those people may be looking for new house cleaners!

With our New In Town program, you can reach new movers in your area every month without you even having to think about it…

Here’s how it works:

  • You tell us your target demographic and service area
  • We design house cleaning postcards for you
  • Every month, we automatically send all new movers that fit your targeting criteria your postcards

Check this out:

Your house cleaning postcards are personalized automatically with the first name of the recipient, so they take notice of your marketing — because they SEE their name.

Here’s an example:

cleaning business postcards

By automatically mailing to every new mover in your area, your cleaning business can simply receive a steady stream of new interested customers who live nearby!

If you have ANY questions about growing your house cleaning or commercial cleaning business, don’t hesitate to call one of my marketing experts at 800-628-1804 —

Their advice and help are 100% FREE!



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