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11 Awesome Chiropractic Postcards You Can Send

chiropractic postcards

ATTN: Chiropractors!

Need proven-to-work chiropractic postcards you can send to generate more new patients or invite existing patients to come back in?

Here are 9 chiropractic postcards you can easily customize for your practice:

1. Plug your logo into this genius chiropractic postcard template

Make sure any chiropractic postcards you send, or even chiropractic handouts, show your recognizable logo time and time again… so when your prospects need an adjustment, they think of YOU.

chiropractic postcards

Need help with a professional logo?

Check out PostcardMania’s logo design services here.

2. Check out how this bold headline jumps out at you from this chiropractic postcard:

chiropractic postcards

3. Add Facebook, Google, and Instagram ads automatically to your marketing

Show your existing patients you haven’t forgotten about them by sending chiropractic reactivation postcards… like this one:

chiropractic reactivation postcards

Then you can amplify the impact of your chiropractic reactivation postcards by adding automatic matching digital ads.

Here’s how that strategy works:

By adding digital ads to your direct mail campaign, your practice can be seen EVERYWHERE prospects spend their time:

  • On thousands of internet websites via the Google network
  • On Facebook where 79% of Americans check in
  • And on Instagram, particularly on the mobile app

This multi-channel marketing strategy requires ZERO effort from you. 

We call this Everywhere Small Business.

You can watch a 1-minute video about it here.

4. Add the first name of each patient to your reminder chiropractic postcards

Personalize your chiropractic reactivation postcards with the first name of each and every recipient to make your design stand out in the mailbox!

chiropractic handouts

This personalization strategy also works great with the following:

– chiropractic we miss you postcards
– chiropractic birthday cards
– chiropractic holiday cards
– chiropractic handouts!

5. Give a FREE offer your prospects won’t resist 

You can put your logo on this design, too!

chiropractic postcards  

6. Send chiropractic birthday cards to treat your patients extra special

Everyone loves FREE stuff on their birthday, so send chiropractic birthday cards to fill up your practice!

chiropractic birthday cards


This chiropractic birthday card is also personalized with the first name of each and every recipient from your mailing list!

7. Send chiropractic postcards with 5-star reviews

Google has trained us that 5 stars = amazing service!

You can feature a 5-star patient testimonial on your chiropractic postcards like in this example:

chiropractic postcards

8. Flip your design to catch prospects’ attention from the mailbox

Here’s an example:

chiropractic postcards

9. Send this chiropractic postcards to a targeted mailing list for DOUBLE the leads

By targeting whom you mail your postcards, you’ll receive at least DOUBLE the response, according to data from the DMA.

chiropractic handouts

How do you know WHO to target though?

Go through your customer base and make a list of all your BEST customers…

Then tabulate the demographics of each of those awesome customers, and you’ve got a list of demographics you’ll use to create your laser-targeted mailing list.

10. Promote your sports medicine practice with chiropractic postcards

Tailor your chiropractic postcards to prospects who may have experienced an injury with this design:

chiropractic postcards 

11. Market across multiple channels simultaneously to increase your new patients year-long

Let’s face it:

Prospects today spend time online, on their smartphones, at work, running errands, on vacation — all this, in addition to spending time at home!

So if you want your chiropractic marketing to reach your prospects where they spend their time?

You need to market everywhere.

chiropractic postcards 


Your marketing is only as good as WHO receives it.

Your mailing list is the main dish of your lead generation so DON’T skimp on it.

We guarantee at least 90% deliverability of your direct mail, and so should ANY good mailing list provider, FYI.

Get 1,000 FREE records to start your campaign.

If you have ANY questions about growing your business or even sending chiropractic we miss you postcards, don’t hesitate to call one of my marketing experts at 800-628-1804 —

Their advice and help are 100% FREE!



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